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  1. etush

    moskovy duckling

    i took home one week old duckling. he was crying and walking alone , looking for his mother. there were 2 moms with duckling around , but they were not interested in him, one of them even chase him out. so i took him and put him in a big plastic box with a towel in the bottom and stuff animal...
  2. etush


    i saw a female duck on the driveway, with all her eggs and feathers all around and she is sitting on fifth of the eggs- expose. i dont know if its the wind blow everything or another animal when she went to eat. i need an urgent answer , if i remove the eggs and feathers few feet away under the...
  3. etush

    nesting duck

    i have a female Muscovy that sitting on her eggs for over two weeks now in my yard. she become our pet. she eat from our hand and she is really adorable and obviously trust us. the male she was hanging with left for another female , but when he sees her when she comes to eat he is really nice...
  4. etush

    Muskovy hen

    hi. i am new and would like to ask a question. we had a Muscovy hen that was sitting on her eggs for 2 whole weeks and just left for a little wile in the morning and in the evening to eat swim etc . when she left for her break she covered the nest with her feathers. 5 days days ago she...
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