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  1. MIHomestead4

    Help what is this!?

    Not sure what this is. She’s the only one that has it she’s eating fine, drinking and still laying.
  2. MIHomestead4

    Green eggs??

    Thank you so much I’m glad I know now. The green eggs threw me way off
  3. MIHomestead4

    Green eggs??

    Well that is news to me the lady who gave him to me told me otherwise lol
  4. MIHomestead4

    Green eggs??

    My chicken that hatched back in October are laying eggs finally but one of them they are barred rock crossed with black jersey giant are laying pretty green eggs?? I’m confused because their not olive eggers or Easter eggers so why the green eggs? They look normal smell normal taste normal just...
  5. MIHomestead4

    Is my duck messing with my head?

    Ducks are funny and will lay wherever and whenever they please mine make nest and sometimes lay an egg in it or I find them in super random spots....along the pond, in the pond, sometimes a random one in the grass. It’s like an Easter egg hunt everyday. Good Luck!!
  6. MIHomestead4

    Brooding age?

    My smallest Black jersey giant went broody at 7 months and we now have 5 7 week old chicks
  7. MIHomestead4

    Lemon Drop has bumblefoot

    He is doing wonderful and is back with his duck pals now
  8. MIHomestead4

    Changing from pellets to grains, veg etc

    Mine are very picky to they only eat pellets and as far as treats go they will only have tomatoes and scrambled eggs. but that’s what I gave them as ducklings anything else they roll their eyes at.
  9. MIHomestead4

    What's the temperature where you are???

    Southeast Michigan 28 degrees and snowing here this morning
  10. MIHomestead4

    Lemon Drop has bumblefoot

    My son wanted me to share that our dear lemon drop has bumblefoot. I’m so weak I’ve brought him in the house and doctored him the kids have enjoyed this so much.
  11. MIHomestead4

    More Weird Weird Going On

    My Peking, Rouen, and Khaki male ducks all have curled tails and the females do not. I’ve never had an issue with my ducks trying to mess with the chickens......but the chickens are the bosses of everyone including the dogs
  12. MIHomestead4

    Wonderful Dog breeds..Past and present..

    Yeti is the husky and Grady is the mix
  13. MIHomestead4

    Predator help.

    I would say very good chance it was a dog. My dog killed 4 of our ducks by shaking them and snapping their necks but you would never be able to tell, their wasn’t a single mark or feather out of place on them and he brought every single one of them to the back porch after he killed them. So...
  14. MIHomestead4

    "Treats" that your birds don't like

    Mine are crazy over black sunflower seeds literally jump at the bag and love dried cat food (they steal the barn cats food).
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