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  1. allanjensaft

    Embden Goose, sudden lameness and ultimate death - QUESTIONs

    Hi, sad day for us today - one of our 2 year old, female Embden geese passed away in the night and was found dead in our pond. She has been unwell/borderline lame for a few days - we treated for worming when lameness was spotted (4 days ago) and gave vitamin boost daily since, sadly it didn't...
  2. allanjensaft

    Sore / Boil on Underside (Infected?)

    Hello, any ideas what this may be? She's otherwise healthy and eating/drinking fine. We did de-louse her from small grey mites a couple of weeks ago.
  3. allanjensaft

    New Muscovy Duckling Stuck on One Side

    She's otherwise healthy, but seems curled in the embryo position on one side. Any tips? She's about 8 hours out of the shell and kicking, squeaking as usual.
  4. allanjensaft

    What breed?

    I'm 99% sure she's a Black Copper Marans. Thoughts? 
  5. allanjensaft

    HELP NEEDED! Enticing my Muscovies into a new duck house...

    I get the feeling that one of our Muscovy hens is broody, but I can't get them to go into the new house I've put together for them... Tried walking them in, tried with food, tried with encouragement - nothing works! Any hints, or tips?
  6. allanjensaft

    Copper Marans Chick

    Cockerel or Hen?
  7. allanjensaft

    Brinsea MAXI EX ii - Goose Eggs

    Hello, has anyone used the Brinsea Maxi EX II for Goose eggs with auto turning? Does the large disk work for, say, 7 eggs?
  8. allanjensaft

    First Pipper - Question

    Hi, I have some Copper Maran eggs that have been incubating for 22 days. Last night, the first bit of pipped shell broke away from the first to pip. This morning, I could see the chick's beak pecking away to make the hole bigger - this has now stopped (see picture). Is she having a nap, or is...
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