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  1. Denisemomof4

    Doughy crop turned into balloon

    I just rescued (adopted) three chickens from the SPCA. Apparently they were very sick and had been aggressively treated with antibiotics and sulfates. Two of them are fine, one I noticed had a purple crop last week and looked sick so I brought her into the house. She had watery stool with...
  2. Denisemomof4

    I'm SO bummed. :( PLEASE HELP!!!

    I was asking for help for my rooster a few days back. His droppings didn't seem alarming at the time, but he wasn't eating and he's lost a LOT of weight. He has deteriorated every day, and now he's stumbling a bit because he's so emaciated and weak. I syringe fed him whole milk yogurt and...
  3. Denisemomof4

    I'm not sure I can help him :(

    Our roo is painfully thin. I noticed he was just kind of quietly sitting in a corner last week and then a few days ago I saw his comb and wattles were bluing. I've placed him beneath a heat lamp but I didn't notice anything other than deep, slow breathing. He has periods where he's not...
  4. Denisemomof4

    how do I know if my rooster is sick?

    I have a 5.5 year old bantam rooster that just sits in the corner looking ill. It's been going on for a month now. He's lost a lot of weight but I can't figure out what to do for him. His droppings appear normal but he just appears unwell. What do I do about something like this? There are...
  5. Denisemomof4

    pooped out pure blood?

    my daughter plays with the hens in her tree house. She's almost 12 and is very good with animals, so no suspected injury. She said the hen squatted down to poop and pure blood came out. I ran to see, and yes, it's the size of a loose stool but pure blood. Because my sick chick had some blood...
  6. Denisemomof4

    panting and very hot - PLEASE ADVISE!!!

    my chick that I've written about is doing absolutely FANTASTIC compared to last week. She has pretty much full control of her neck and although she's still unsteady on her feet, she's able to stand and take a few steps. She thinks I'm her mama now! I'm still syringe feeding her. She's...
  7. Denisemomof4

    has ANYONE heard of a crop not holding food?

    I can't find information ANYWHERE. Please don't read this and not respond. If you've read this and have heard of this happening, or if you have experience with this, PLEASE advise if you can. I think it's the end of the road for my chick. She's VERY strong today, has control of her...
  8. Denisemomof4

    coccidiosis AGAIN? Or something else? PLEASE help!

    I treated my chicks for coccidiosis (thanks to this forum! They had bloody droppings and I lost a chick) and ended treatment (Corid, 2 tsp per gallon first two days, 1 tsp per gallon remaining 5 days) 2 maybe 3 weeks ago. My sick chick I'm trying to nurse back to health (she has awful...
  9. Denisemomof4

    how much to tube/syringe feed chick?

    My chick I've been writing about is improving on the vitamins, good quality food from the vet (for dogs and cats), yogurt. I also got prednisone for my ferret and am sharing it with my chick in case her issues started from a bump to the head. The vet said to start with 1 cc and work up to 6 if...
  10. Denisemomof4

    a new problem

    I have a thread I started yesterday. I thought my chicken broke it's neck. Then I started to suspect wry, now I'm fairly confident she either has Mareks or a deficiency which is causing her to have what appears to be uncontrollable use of her wings/legs. I think I know the course of treatment...
  11. Denisemomof4

    where to buy prednisone/antibiotics

    I went to tractor supply and the guy didn't seem very knowledgeable but he said they had neither. Do you go through your vet?
  12. Denisemomof4

    how could she have broken her neck???

    i have a lovely 4 month old, or so, polish chick. dd just found her standing in the pen with her head hanging to the side,. i love this little girl and am devastated. how could she have broken her neck? i dont see where she could have gotten her head stuck. she is in with 3 other chicks, a...
  13. Denisemomof4

    sick rooster

    I tried to find answers myself here but can't so far. My rooster is one year old, SWEET as can be, and isn't acting right. Yesterday he coughed up clear liquid but his poops looked totally normal. I am treating our young chicks for coccidiosus and thankfully I think none are very sick now...
  14. Denisemomof4

    please help...... Corid ques

    I have been looking online and here and can't determine how much corid powder to mix in a gallon of water for the chickens. Many list what to do with 9.5% corid, mine is 20% soluble powder. I neeed this info fast! My frizzle is laying around more.
  15. Denisemomof4

    first one chick died, now one with blood in poop

    I posted this in the chicks section but I think it should be here. I am desperate for answers! I have previously owned chickens, a flock of 12. I'm on my second flock and this time I bought some chicks at a chicken swap. I've previously always bought through hatcheries. I bought a frizzle...
  16. Denisemomof4

    lost a chick. Would could have happened?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and am desperate for help/answers! H had a flock of chickens in the past and am on my second now. I had 5 buff orpingtons but lost one a couple of weeks ago. I believe she died from the heat. They all are a year old. My first time around I got all my chicks from Mc...
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