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    Fox attack, hen injured

    The damage comes on the stress put on the bird catching it. Dunking it in Epsom salts (someone will recommend it) multiple days in a row. Keeping it is solitary confinement for multiple days on end. Holding it upside down and sideways wrapped in a towel while you treat it, poke it and prod it...
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    Fox attack, hen injured

    Most of the time it is better to just leave it alone. I worry that sometimes the advice is to love them to death with over treatment.
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    Can Chickens Eat Raw Peas?

    Yes and they love them.
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    Help! Dogs killing young chickens

    Shoot the dog, they will never kill agian.
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    Mouse! Eek!

    It wont hurt her a bit.
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    Is Ruby here a Rooster?

    She is a pullet.
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    Calling all horse owners! Show off your horses! Ends Sept. 25th!

    PC Judge Oakwood, 3 year old Stallion. Quarter Horse. Located in Utah. Color Bay
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    Why is my Rooster so aggressive???

    You could try a pinless peeper
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    Outside city limits.... Do chicken laws/ordinances apply to me?

    That being said, things are different now than they were a year ago. If you feel your ordinances are too restrictive, shedule a time to talk to your local council and lobby for change.
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    Outside city limits.... Do chicken laws/ordinances apply to me?

    Don't be a sheep. Make your own ordinances!
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    Automatic coop door

    I've had nothing but problems with my Chickenguard. I'd stay away from this one.
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    How to understand the chicken calculator

    The F2 crosses are only showing 1 of the potential results.
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    Do you consider your Chickens Pets or Livestock

    The answer to this questions probably make a difference in how you approach your chicken managment. Do they need to have a profitable return? Do you consider cost in your decisions? Etc.
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