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  1. tinastae

    New Hen not Laying

    I’ve got a new Plymouth Barred Rock hen who is 2-3 years old not laying for about three days. Do you think it’s because of a new environment or i just got scammed with a old hen?
  2. tinastae


  3. tinastae


    Any idea what breed she may be?
  4. tinastae

    Moving Chicks Into a Coop with Hens

    I have six 4 week old chicks. I am wondering when i should move them into the coop with my other six 5 month old hens.
  5. tinastae

    Red Sex Link? Gender and Breed??

    So i bought her as a Buckeye from tractor supply but someone told me it was a Red Sex Link Pullet. I looked at female RSL’s and their feathers are brown. I am very confused on her breed and gender.
  6. tinastae

    Buff Brahma Chick Gender?

    Any help with the gender?
  7. tinastae

    Buff Brahma Gender?

    Can anyone help distinguish the gender of this Buff Brahma?
  8. tinastae

    Buckeye Chick?

    Hello! So i’ve recently got a Buckeye chick pullet from tractor supply and her wing feathers are white. I’ve looked at chick photos of buckeyes and normal their a dark brown color. Maybe they gave me the wrong breed? Can someone tell me if she really is a Buckeye please?
  9. tinastae

    Broody Hen Questions

    When my hen goes broody i can let her sit on her eggs (fertilized) and she’ll have chicks? How do i take care of a broody hen? Any tips and things i should know?
  10. tinastae

    Rooster question!

    I have a four month (almost five) EE rooster who is starting to grab at my hens necks and chase them around the yard. Are they fighting or is he trying to mate?
  11. tinastae

    6 Chickens VS a Chicken Newbie!

    I got six baby chicks from Tractor Supply on April 1st. Two Asians, one EE, a Leghorn, and two Isa Browns. All of them were said to be pullers but the EE is looking to be a rooster. I’m very new to chickens but i’m already in love with them. I was the only one in my family who didn’t want...
  12. tinastae

    Goochland County/Manakin Sabot, Va Max number of chickens?

    I live in Manakin Sabot and i have two acres of land and im wondering if yall know the max number of chickens i can have!
  13. tinastae

    What breed and gender do you think this chicken is?

    This is Gabby, we bought her at tractor supply as an Ameraucana hen. She is very bossy towards all the other hens and likes to chase them when they run. We are starting to wonder if she’s a rooster.
  14. tinastae


    Hi, I bought a Ameraucana chick (7 weeks old) It’s supposed to be a hen but it has been making weird crowing noises in the morning. Does this mean it could be a too? It’s also very feisty and likes to attack the other hens for no reason!
  15. tinastae

    Ameraucana or Araucana?

    Hi, I bought this chick from tractor supply and i’m confused on what breed it is and was sex it is. If you know please help me!
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