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    Do you consider your Chickens Pets or Livestock

    The answer to this questions probably make a difference in how you approach your chicken managment. Do they need to have a profitable return? Do you consider cost in your decisions? Etc.
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    Easter Egger's and Ameraucana's = same thing

    So, yes, I may be trying to ruffle some feathers here. I'm bored, what can I say more. So Ameraucana breeders/owners take pride in breeding to the SOP, which is a great thing. It preserves and promotes, what they are trying to accomplish. That being said, does anybody else smirk when they...
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    Homemade Vetricin

    For anybody wanting the recipe for Vetricin it is as follows: fill an average spray bottle with water. Add 1 cap of bleach, and 1 tablespoon of table salt. Great for treating wounds.
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    Whiting True Blue VS Ameraucana VS Easter Egger Egg Color

    Does anybody have some eggs from Whiting True Blues, Ameraucana or Easter Eggers (edit: or Cream Legbar) that we can compare egg color on? Preferably in the same picture so we truely compare one to the other.
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    Black Chicken with Blue Eggs

    Would someone please put together a project to Cross the Ayen Cemani with a blue egg layer? What challenges would someone run into in trying to create this cross?
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    Introducing new pullets

    I have some 6 week old chicks(17 of them). I also am just about to receive a shipment of 4 more 4-6 week old WTB from McMurry which I ordered last spring. How much effort do I need to put into the integration, since they will be about the same age? My current flock is made up of 9 RIR and 8 EE's.
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    Cackle Hatchery - Ameraucanas

    Does Cackle sell true Ameraucanas or are they just easter eggers??
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    Wild Peahen- need to catch

    A lady in town thought it was a good idea to realease her pen of peafowl. Now one is near our house. There is a creek and trees. The bird has been here for a couple weeks now. It will likely starve during winter or get eaten, unless we can catch it. Do they sleep like chickens (lethargic and...
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    Chicken Guard Automatic Door

    Have any of you use this product? What was your experience?
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    Free-Range Eggs vs Store bought Eggs

    Disclaimer: I'm new here. I've read a bunch of stuff claiming that free range eggs are healthier than strorebought eggs. Does anyone have some scientific data I could see to back that up. It sounds nice. The color difference obviously exists. But I would like to see the stats.
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    Picking a Rooster

    If you had to pick a Rooster what breed would you get and why? For me I'm trying to decide. I ordered 15 pullets, 8 RIR and 7 EE. They will free range during the day, on 10 acres. Flock protection is great but we also have 3 small children so I need something thats not too nasty. I realize...
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    Eaves open for ventilation

    First post here...Wife and I recently built us a chicken coop for our RIR and EE that will be arriving next month. For ventilation we have a 8" X 18" hole on the south wall and left the eaves between the rafters open (but covered with hardware cloth). Do you think that is enough ventialtion...
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