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  1. pilatik

    New chickens to flock seem sick, now have cloudy pupil in left eye

    Yes I'm in California. Haven't introduced the birds. I was going to keep them quarantined for 30 days at least.
  2. pilatik

    New chickens to flock seem sick, now have cloudy pupil in left eye

    The nails -- I know. Both of them look like this. I've been trimming them back a little at a time and then waiting a few days to let the quick recede. Believe it or not this is already better than when I got them. They came from a woman in Oregon via a Belgian d'uccles group on Facebook. She's...
  3. pilatik

    New chickens to flock seem sick, now have cloudy pupil in left eye

    I acquired two new belgian d'uccles (hen and rooster), who both seemed badly cared for and sick when they got here -- traveled from Oregon. Both have been quarantined from my existing flock since they got here. Symptoms: Both seem pale, particularly the hen. I'm not clear whether they're...
  4. pilatik

    Critique this belgian d'uccle?

    Here are some more pictures. Her comb does have five points on it. Feet first -- sorry they're all wet, we've had massive rain lately. Usually she doesn't look so disheveled. Bum fluff. Underfluff on her neck and back.
  5. pilatik

    Critique this belgian d'uccle?

    Can some of you all critique this little belgian d'uccle for me? I would eventually like to be able to breed some of these guys, but don't have a great sense of what the breed standards for d'uccles look like in practice. How do you all think she matches up to the breed SOP, and what kinds of...
  6. pilatik

    4 day old chick not eating/leg injury

    I have a 4 day old chick that hasn't eaten yet and need some suggestions to help keep it going. So far I've been giving it pedialyte in a syringe and that seems to work. I've also been scraping a bit of soaked chick crumbles into its beak. It will eat them, but seems to be getting weaker. How...
  7. pilatik

    California - Northern

    If you don't mind the crowing, this would be great! I'd be happy to bring her to you. She's a very sweet girl -- just a little loud for neighbors in our super tiny backyard. Morning crowers and late sleepers just don't mix. Thanks for vouching for her, FosterCityChick! Makes me feel good to...
  8. pilatik

    California - Northern

    Hey all, I'm in San Jose and looking for rehoming for two chickens in our little backyard flock... the rehoming forum sent me here. Both are hens about two years old. We're getting into trouble because these two girls are annoying our neighbors. I'm wondering if somebody with more space might be...
  9. pilatik

    Buff Orpington in need of new home, San Jose/San Francisco area

    I'm looking to rehome my 2 year old buff Orpington hen, Dolly. The good: When she's not setting, she's friendly and great with kids. She's a great mama and amazing at hatching eggs. So far we've let her hatch two batches of eggs. Will mother the chicks until they're bigger than her (I took the...
  10. pilatik

    2 white pullets in need of home - San Jose

    I have two white pullets/hns that need a home. They were hatched 10/16. They're hatched from grocery store eggs (Rock Island Eggs) by one of my hens. Vaccinated, used to people. One just started laying light brown eggs. She is calm, quiet, and does great with kids. An awesome hen. The other -...
  11. pilatik

    Broody Hen Thread!

    Dog cage with a wire bottom. I put it up on sawhorses to make sure that she couldn't really start setting. This worked great for my Australorp... for her, not so much. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. pilatik

    Broody Hen Thread!

    Glad to know that there's a broody hen thread! I have a buff orpington that's just gone broody for the second time and am trying to decide whether to put her in a broody buster cage or give her eggs. Can anybody give me some insight on what to do? First time she went broody was September...
  13. pilatik

    One skinny chicken

    Hi all, One of my chickens is very skinny, and I'd love some advice on what to do! Not sure if I am worrying needlessly.... The chook I'm worried about weighs 3 pounds and has a fairly sharp feeling breastbone. The other is 4.5 pounds, feels much fatter and more solid. Skinny chicken has...
  14. pilatik

    New in California!

    Hi All, I've been lurking here for a bit and am finally joining BYC. My current flock is very small: two seven month old Black Australorps. I've had chickens in the past, but my current two are my first experience chickens in suburbia. I could definitely use a refresher on chicken care! You'll...
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