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    Is this a guinea egg??

    I know it’s off their usual season and she is rather young (5 months) but this egg isn’t like the others and up to today I only had 1 egg laying chicken. All the eggs I have are from the chicken but you can see how different this one is.
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    What to do with the other chickens

    I have 5 hens originally ID’d as Ameraucana recently ID’d as Orpingtons and only one of them is laying. She started a week/week and a half ago first clutch came with 3 fart eggs (only yolks!) then Almost daily (minus 1 day) she was laying 1 egg (started off with massive double yolked eggs then...
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    Rooster trouble

    My rooster doesn’t go in the coop at night. He gets picked on by someone and while they get along in the yard stuff goes down in the coop. Now I’m not worried about him at night when it comes to predators but I do worry about him come the winter. Would it be a good idea to bring him in at night...
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    This is new...

    Is there a way to break this?? I will probably go out there once dark sets and toss them all in but I don’t want this becoming a habit I live in the woods and with winter approaching predators are looking for a extra food! 😬 Side note: the guineas pick and choose when they go in it’s a gf/bf...
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    Any ideas?

    I know it’s still kind of early for an actual ID but I’m super curious because they look nothing like the rest of the flock did at that age. I’m also a little concerned because one of the darker chicks has quite a wide spot where the waddle will be...hoping it won’t turn out to be a boy. I’ve...
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    Ameraucana Egg Laying “Schedule”?

    Ok so my chickens are a couple weeks overdue according to the usual 6 months egg laying age. There’s only one girl with a less predominant waddle but all their waddles are bright red. I have provided them oyster shell grit, regular grit, and egg laying feed. They aren’t hanging in a specific...
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    Did I Screw Up?

    I have 3 guineas (2 males—unfortunate luck of the draw—and 1 female) and 6 ameraucana chickens (1 rooster and 5 hens) and they don’t like me lol. They follow me around the yard when I’m outside but anytime they even think my hand is heading toward them they flutter away. I 100% knew the guineas...
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    Oh Pony Boy

    Can we tak about the awkward version of puberty my ameraucana cockerel is going through? 🤣 he’s got 2 fully grown tail feathers and the rest still have that shaft cover and are short so he looks like a bit of a derp!
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    Guinea hen x Ameraucana rooster cross

    I was wondering if this could actually happen. My young rooster feels my guinea hen is ready to breed and has proceeded to try to mount her multiple times now but he’s so small compared to her that I have a feeling it will never be successful. I tried looking online to see if anyone has had such...
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    Harvesting Question

    So I have discovered a rooster among the 6 pullets I had purchased. I have also discovered a male guinea of the 3 I have left from the 4 I purchased along side the pullets. The guinea has now taken to attacking the rooster whenever they are in the same section of their confinement (indoor or...
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    It’s a boy, isn’t it? 😑

    Hi so I bought 6 pullets from tractor supply but I know fully well sometimes it can happen. This is the only chicken that isn’t getting along with my male guinea fowl...they aren’t fighting yet but whenever the guinea fowl gets close to the chicken the chicken scoots as fast as possible to avoid...
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    Ok This Seems Stupid...

    My dad said that he was told by someone who keeps chickens that you aren’t supposed to use the first batch of eggs your chickens lay. I have found literally no info to back this up. Is this true? My girls won’t be laying until like end of August or beginning of September but I genuinely need to...
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    First time chicken mom, last time coop builder 🤣

    Hi just wanted to share my progress and see if anyone has any advice on things I may be missing. It went from a simple idea of a 4’x6’ coop with a matching run to my dad’s version of my idea lol. He got WAY too in to this project. I had asked for his help to basically cut all the pieces I needed...
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    Wtf is this???

    Uh this just became noticeable I guess? Didn’t notice it until a few minutes ago. It’s firm but squishy. I already lost one keet I’m not keen on the fact that this looks like a tumor. Any ideas/advise?
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    Building From Scratch

    Hi I’m new to chickens and my father and I have decided to build our own coop because I’d rather not spend over $1,000 on some fancy thing that will barely hold the 9 in my flock. We’ve got the outside and inside set but I can’t figure out what to use for flooring. I know if I just use wood...
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    When I bought my guineas I only wanted 2 the guy insisted I had to buy 4 and then said “I gave you 2 that probably won’t make it” 😳 One looks like it’s in bad shape now. It’s definitely the runt of the group and it seems to be declining rapidly. It was much perkier yesterday and today it just...
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    New member new chicken mom

    Hi I am new to ALL of this. I am in the process of building my coop from scratch so don’t be surprised to find me in those threads! Lol I have sick keet too 😔 so if you can swing by the medical threads I would be super grateful!
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    Guinea Chick with Cloudy Pupil

    Hi I literally just bought 4 guinea hen chicks yesterday from Tractor Supply. I only wanted a couple but the guy said US Agriculture only allowed 4 or more at a time. After he boxed them up for me he told me he gave me a couple smaller ones that probably won’t make it. 😳 One is slightly smaller...
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