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  1. htaehn

    How do you sell chickens for meat?

    Can someone help with the Iowa laws? I've seen frozen birds sold at farmers markets as well, how do I do that legally? Thanks
  2. htaehn

    transporting turkeys

    I am taking some turkeys to be processed and I was wondering if I could load them up in transportation crates the night before or would it be to long in the crate? It is about 2 hours to the processing facility and I have to be there at 7am. Any opinions would be geat! thank you!
  3. htaehn

    IA here

    I checked Theisen, nothing... but dont know of co ops around the area to check.
  4. htaehn

    IA here

    Anybody know where to find something close to 28% Turkey feed near Marshalltown?? thanks
  5. htaehn

    IA here

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that sells Wheat near Marshalltown, IA I could use for fodder?
  6. htaehn

    IA here

    Anyone have any Pullets they are selling near Marshalltown? Thanks!
  7. htaehn

    IA here

    Couple questions... Anyone know the laws for selling Eggs and Meat Birds to restaurants and such in Iowa? I assume there needs to be licensing of some sort and other requirements. also I'm looking for a some started pullets (15-18 weeks old) that aren't red feathered lol. any help or a...
  8. htaehn

    how to transport chickens?

    I was wondering if anyone has used Live Traps to transport full grown chicks, and how many you think you could put in one?
  9. htaehn

    IA here

    Where do people get their Barley/Wheat/etc for fodder sprouts in Central Iowa?
  10. htaehn

    Poultry Farmer 2 Coop

    I bought the plans to the "Poultry Farmer 2" chicken coop. after looking at them I decided I still didnt know how to build it. Has anyone built this coop before?? and what is used as the Poop Pan there?
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