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  1. Lydipants

    Day 18 - I'm a mom!

    Title says it all 🖤
  2. Lydipants

    Day 14 - staggering eggs

    I have a large capacity incubator - 104 that currently has about 65 eggs -. There are two egg trays with automatic egg turners. Today we are on day 14. I have 30 plus eggs ready to go in, two dozen gifted that will be longer than ten days since lay if I wait. Can I put the eggs on the top egg...
  3. Lydipants

    Ameraucana - rooster or hen

    5 month old ameraucana from a long time closed flock. These are not easter eggers. The one with lighter legs has slate toes and are darkening. All have beards and cheek puffs, very cute - but I'm struggling with gender aside from one which has clear saddle feathers. Also pictured are svart...
  4. Lydipants

    Cochin - rooster or hen?

    These three are 4-5 months old, gentle, and social. They don't crow, and do not stand their ground, however, I realize they are docile generally. I can't tell if they are hens or rooster's and large fowl development is slow. Two have slight pointed feathers on their rump, but I don't see...
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