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  1. grnhrn

    Little advice for first egg please...

    My BR just laid her first egg, kind of. It was only a half shell, almost rubbery, but there evidently was a yolk inside because it was in the nesting material. I brought the shell in to examine it. At first I thought it collapsed, but on closer inspection, the edge of the shell was rolled...
  2. grnhrn

    Is this good enough??

    I hope this worked. This is our coop. There is plenty of shade, but the temperature has hit 100 this week right around 2 p.m. They have a waterer, a pan of water, and I throw frozen bottles twice a dayunder the house. At night I place a 1 gallon milk jug in the coop. I have seen them...
  3. grnhrn

    Advice (again!!) please.

    I have 4 barred rocks, about 13-14 weeks old. Found out I really like having them. So does my DH. He bought them from a gentleman at work. So, he brings him home last weekend, goes back to work, met another gentleman who raises chickens. He raises Americaunas (forgive spelling). So, in...
  4. grnhrn

    Food in coop

    I put a little bowl of water and some food in the coop the other night. I saw from another thread that some do not. Do you need to provide food and water in the coop to get through the night? I would rather not because both mornings everything is covered in pine chips. Thanks in advance.
  5. grnhrn

    Chickens went into coop on their own tonight.

    I took everyone's advice and placed treats up there ramp and a little in the coop for the past 2 nights. It looked like tonight I was going to have to do a round up after dark. I was coming back to the house and turned around to take one last look, and they were all marching into the coop. My...
  6. grnhrn

    hacked off hens

    Well, I went to put the hens up in their coop with the door closed (first time). Thought I could just round them up and coax them in (hence the name grnhrn). Hacked them off and the leader of the pack came after me twice, got me once on the arm. So, got some food and coaxed them up, closed...
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