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  1. chixcatgrl

    Need help -- mites???

    I'm new to keeping chickens and one of the 'hens' I bought has turned into a cockeral. He's a polish lace, somewhere around 16 weeks old and is now scratching most of his crazy crown off in the middle of his scalp. He's still got the feathers around the outside of his head but keeps scratching...
  2. chixcatgrl

    I'm brand new to a forum... this is my first! ...and looking for a cochin cockeral.

    Hi Everyone, I'm in North Alabama, Huntsville to be exact. Since I'm new to any type of forums, any hints are appreciated! Also, does anyone know how I'd go about finding someone who has cochins in Southern Tennessee or Northern Alabama??? It's been impossible to find one thorugh hatcheries...
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