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  1. Shabana

    Freddie and his very horrible year.

    This is little Freddie. A few weeks ago a neighbour told me that she had seen two men around my chicken pens. Anxious, my son and I went to investigate. We found a little cockerel cut to ribbons, mal-nourished, and very very frightened. They had left him without a note in one of my spare broody...
  2. Shabana

    Flash the cockerel and his ladies

    This is Flash, his son Lightening and his ladies. They are Porcelain sablepoots. Unfortunately his owner passed away and it was a while before they were rescued. They were kept in hutches in a barn and for sometime no-one knew they were even there. By the time they came to live with us they...
  3. Shabana

    Waiting for a bus !

    Hey there ! Thought I'd post a few photos of my little two little flocks and their antics. I love my chickens. From the first moment I saw them I became all 'mother hen-like' and I,ve never looked back ! At the moment I have Mabel and Ginger sitting on 21 eggs which are a mixture of...
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