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  1. miss_jayne

    Dickey Cabinet Incubator

    Selling my less than year old Dickey Cabinet Incubator...this unit is great! Top of the line, including humidity pail system. See Dickey's website for details. Shipping IS NOT INCLUDED in the auction price. Purchasing this unit was $725+ including the...
  2. miss_jayne

    Oh Happy Birthday Crusty McPottydoodle!!!!!

    uh huh! you sassy thang from Canada you! i hope you have a year that is blessed with abundance in every way! and may your cupboard never be empty of Bunny Noodles! love to you today and all year. told ya i was gonna make you something! happy birthday wishes to you!
  3. miss_jayne

    back from the doc. she rocks. the shot, not so much.

    i'm outtie. going to the doc. getting tested for this thing called H-Pylori. whatev. it's a flu thing. whatev, again! i am over all the dumb stuff that keeps happening to me! so, i'll be back in a bit. try to keep it to a low roar peeps. out!
  4. miss_jayne

    Accidental Duck with Ancho Chili Cherry Grilling Sauce

    aka, "Sometimes Ducks Don't Move Fast Enough and Then They Are Dinner!" we had a cayuga lose her footing while moving a hoop house the other day and break her leg and puncture her head. sooooo, i learned to butcher ducks. a lovely dinner ensued.... not really 'having a game plan' my daughter...
  5. miss_jayne

    Ol Fashioned Hen! You are SOOO Awesome! Thank You!

    the mail lady arrived today while i was cleaning out brooders. i looked like the "Wild Woman Of Borneo" of course. seriously, i have peacock poo all over my pink shirt. she had this lovely package with her from Kentucky.... the kids and i opened it all up... bread, banana nut bread...
  6. miss_jayne

    FS/MI/6+ Royal Purple Guinea Eggs/ $18 includes Priority Shipping

    For Sale Royal Purple Guinea Eggs 6+ for $18 includes Priority Shipping with Confirmation or 12 for $30 includes Priority Shipping with Confirmation We cannot guarantee eggs once they leave our hands but they will be wrapped, boxed and marked properly for shipping. Payment forms: Paypal to...
  7. miss_jayne

    FS/MI/6+ Bantam Blue & Splash Cochin Eggs (pics)/$18 Priority

    For Sale, 6+ Bantam Blue & Splash Cochin Eggs Out of Laurie over Thimble; very nice Bantam Blue Cochins. (Laurie is a BOY...yes I know that's a GIRL name. He's named for Laurie in Little Women, the boy next, let us proceed....) Both small and squat, good feathering and color...
  8. miss_jayne

    FS/MI/12+ Easter Eggers (Pics) $24 Priority

    For Sale 12+ Easter Egger Hatching Eggs Out of Flap Jack over Shoo Fly and Honey Bun (and let's face it, who wouldn't think that sounds sweet?) Fertility has been EXCELLENT and hatch rate very high here. While we cannot guarantee eggs once they leave our hands, they will be wrapped, boxed and...
  9. miss_jayne

    SOLD/MI/6 Rose Comb Rhode Island Red Eggs/ $24 Priority

    For Sale, 6 Rose Combed Rhode Island Red Eggs These birds are hard to find, have beautiful plumage and wonderful temperaments. The males feathers are so glossy, they almost look fake. We cannot guarantee eggs once they leave our hands, but they will be wrapped, boxed and marked properly for...
  10. miss_jayne

    FS/MI/ Leghorn Eggs (Little Daddy's Flock!) 12 for $24

    For Sale, One Dozen Hatching Eggs Out of Little Daddy's Flock $24 includes Priority, With Confirmation Number (This is a BYC discount from our regular pricing. See our website for regular pricing.) Eggs cannot be guaranteed once they leave our property, but will be wrapped, boxed and marked...
  11. miss_jayne

    oh, hikerchick...i have some little giftees for you

    well, technically Honeybun and Shoo Fly made them. and Flap Jack helped of course.... Flap Jack and his ladies.. a lovely box of EE eggs will be on their way! zooming on their way to your house. thought you should practice that whole hatching thing again! here is what you can expect...
  12. miss_jayne

    oh, Miss_Jayne, did you hatch Kernal's eggs? YEP! 6 of 'em!

    why, yes i am! while in Indiana for the Indiana Chickenstock my husband and i got to meet Attack Chicken and KERNAL! he's real. he does exist! and Attack chicken graciously presented me with 8 of his ladies' eggs to incubate!!! so the story begins! set on this day, the 5th of August, due...
  13. miss_jayne

    oh, Miss_Jayne, are you incubating Kernal's eggs? go here...sorry, i double posted!
  14. miss_jayne

    FS 6+ Mille Fleur D'Uccle Eggs $18

    We're not Frenchies! We're Belgies! For sale, 6+ lovely eggs from Colette covered by Pierre. $18 includes eggs & priority shipping with confirmation number. (A lovely couple, no?) While I cannot guarantee the eggs once they leave my hands, I can tell you that fertility has been fantastic...
  15. miss_jayne

    Miss_Jayne, I want that box of cookies! Winners Announced!

    so, i promised to start a contest today for a package of yummy treats to be sent to someone in the mail this week. nothing like getting a nice package in the mail. the cookies are all baked and the house smells lovely! we picked three great recipes! the pictures below are examples of some...
  16. miss_jayne

    ISO/Good Quality Black Australorp Cockerel/Michigan

    Looking for an exceptional gent to run with my Black Australorp ladies. Yes, actually looking for an extra cockerel. (You read it right!) The boys in my brooders are just a bit small to fit the bill. Age should be at least 17 weeks but no older than 1 year. Good stock. Good temperament...
  17. miss_jayne

    And the award for 'Best Use of a Spear Gun' goes to.....

    Frizzledhen! our beloved Frizzledhen took out a varmint with a spear gun. yes, a spear gun. no, seriously, you are reading this correctly. a coon took out a bunch of her breeding stock and was up in her rafters so she asked God for direction. next thing you know, she's got a spear gun set...
  18. miss_jayne

    What am I....I need a loving home! (West Michigan Area)

    Little Duckling was found tossed into a pond with Mallards. The Mallards are not accepting this little one and trying to hurt it. this thread was started for citalk2much, all responses will be answered by her.
  19. miss_jayne

    6+ Rose Comb RIR Eggs/For Sale or Trade

    For sale or trade, 6+ RC RIR hatching eggs. Dick Horstman lines. Excellent plumage and coloring! Some of the best! These are BIG birds. Purchase Outright: $24 paypal to [email protected] Trade: LF BBS Orp or Aussies LF Black Cochins BF Mille Fleur D'Uccles BF Blue Cochins BF Silver...
  20. miss_jayne

    BBS Aussie Chicks hatched from CluckyChickn's eggs(pics of course!)

    are these not adorable? CC's eggs arrived in excellent shape and wonderful packaging. 10 eggs developed and 8 hatched. excellent results for shipped eggs. here are some of the little fluffs playing on the lawn... the different colors that hatched:
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