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  1. MissNutmeg

    A little advice please?

    Hey there y'all! I'm just needing advice on a particular matter.... Today I looked outside to see my big boy Alexander standing in the corner of the outside run uninterested in anything that was going on around him. So I decided to go out and check on him, plus feed the hungry crowd. The...
  2. MissNutmeg

    Solved Title?

    Everybody is getting names like 'crossing the road', etc. But why am I still Chicken Addict?
  3. MissNutmeg

    Everything Beagle

    His name is Wesley and he has been part of my family since February. I snapped some pics today.... enjoy! As you could see he loves the roof of his dog house, kinda like Snoopy in the comic strips. Look at his sweet face!!!! <3 (Oh not to mention those big brown eyes glistening with...
  4. MissNutmeg

    Help! Beagle has two bald itchy patches on back.

    I think my beagle has Mange. I cannot afford a vet bill at the moment so I thought I could treat it at home. Could I use Garden & Poultry dust to cure this? Is it safe?
  5. MissNutmeg


    Just curious, is there an Official BackyardChickens board on Pinterest?
  6. MissNutmeg


    i poked myself with a rusty nail a couple of days ago, and I decided to go in and get a tetanus shot since mine was slightly overdue. Can I still get tetanus since I got it before the shot? Or no.
  7. MissNutmeg

    Books, books and more books!

    Do you have a favorite book or a great book suggestion? Please feel free to discuss it on this thread. As I always say, there is nothing like being curled up on the couch on a rainy day sipping a hot cup of coffee and reading a book. What is your favorite book genre? I love fantasy, action...
  8. MissNutmeg

    Chicken saddles?

    Has anyone created a homemade chicken saddle before? If so I would love to get the pattern and make it for one of my hens whose back is raw and sore from mating. I was thinking about just ordering one from amazon but they are pretty expensive and it would take so long for something like that...
  9. MissNutmeg


    Is there a way to share the site on pinterest?
  10. MissNutmeg


    One of my roosters is sick! He is drooling and very lathargic, will not drink water even if I use a syringe it just comes back up. What is wrong with him? I'm considering doing the worst if he doesn't improve.... I would really hate to cull him. :( ~Meg
  11. MissNutmeg

    Fleas? Mites? Help!

    I noticed a rooster acting lathargic so I took him in the garage. I patted his head and gave him some water, then I noticed it. He was completly covered in black little crawly things, crawling everywhere, on his legs, in his tailfeathers and even some were making their way up my arms. ew ew ew...
  12. MissNutmeg


    If you have a facebook page spread the word, please!! We need to get him home!!!!!
  13. MissNutmeg

    What does your dog dislike/hate?

    My title says it all! Some things my dog Diamond hates: #1. Latex Gloves. She really spooks out if I wave the thing in front of her face, I think the smell of them reminds her of needles and creepy humans. idk 2. Thunder. Diamond will definitely let me know if there is a storm brewing because...
  14. MissNutmeg

    Potential Frostbite?

    So I believe he has frostbite, am I correct? He is also acting quite sluggish. If so how could I effectively treat it? Thanks, Meg
  15. MissNutmeg

    Strange behavior

    So last night I was quietly chatting with my family around the table and my dog was on her side snoring her brains out, (lol she always does that <3 ), anyway she gets up and stretches and walks over and out of nowhere she started to yelp in pain, I tried to figure out why she was yelping. I...
  16. MissNutmeg

    Three cockerels in SERIOUS need of rehoming in Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have three buff orpington cockerels that need a new home really really soon! I would really hate to put them down!!! Please let me know if you are interested!!! ~Meg
  17. MissNutmeg

    Solved Is There a Way To Edit My Thread Title and First Post?

    The "edit" button is no longer there.
  18. MissNutmeg

    Buff Orpington cockerels in need of re-homing!

    I have four beautiful cockerels all about five months old in need of a new home(s). If you are interested please Private Message me for pictures and more information. Reason I need to find a new home for them: Cause we already have one great rooster who seems to enjoy fighting them. Age: 5...
  19. MissNutmeg

    Not laying eggs?

    So I have a flock of five hens and three pullets. I haven't been getting eggs from the hens for about a couple of months now, they are all about two. I'm just kinda wondering what makes them stop laying so abruptly and it's starting to become a bit annoying seeing no fresh organic eggs in the...
  20. MissNutmeg

    Interesting Predicament

    Hey y'all I once again need advice on what to do. Okay so one of my lil buff orpington cocks has a very swollen ear with a big disgusting tick hanging off it, I spent the last hour trying to get the tick of with rubbing alcohol but it's not really working. I was thinking about trying to get it...
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