1. Phantom_k9

    Flock Integration?

    Hello! Currently, we have about four generations (technically 6) of birds in our coop; the forth being the ones we are trying to introduce. Over time, we have bought new birds, and been given new birds; but I don't feel that any have properly "integrated". I could be wrong, but I'm not sure...
  2. L


    Hello, We are integrating our two 10 week old chick's to our 6 month old flock. We set them up in separated spaces for about a week on and off and then let them be together a bit. Due to weather here in MN we put them together sooner than we wanted. For the most part the older girls chase them...
  3. P

    Is it time to integrate?

    Hi all you wonderful chicken people! I'd like your thoughts please. To cut the long story short, I've rescued 2 appenzellers who used to live with a roo as a breeding trio. They came to us filthy and not knowing what the freeranging was. They've spent few weeks in quarantine and now running the...
  4. C

    Flock Integration Issues

    Hi Everyone - Long time reader, new poster! :frow I hesitate to post this because I feel like I read the same thing over and over, but I'm kind of at my wits end trying to integrate two chickens into my small flock. I previously had four, 4 year old hens that grew up together (barred rock...
  5. fuzzysaver

    Wild goose integrating with domestics?

    I have a wild goose who has been around a few days and seems to think it is part of my domestic 2 goose herd? Anyone ever have this happen? He/she isn't causing any problems and can fly great so its not sick or wounded. Half the size of my domestic girls and they don’t hesitate to chase it...
  6. horscraz

    Integrating new chicken to flock- how long to keep separate

    I am integrating new chickens to our flock after quarantining for 30+ days. They are separated by chain link dog kennel panel. How long would you keep them separate?
  7. anvia

    Integrating new geese - what could possibly go wrong?!

    Hallo everyone, We have a pair of 6 month old Toulouse geese, and they are a joy! & we’d like to have more.... these are our first geese and we know we don’t have a lot of experience. We’ve been offered another pair of Toulouse who are 12 months old and so I’m asking for advice & wisdom please...
  8. S

    Duck ratios and mixing flocks

    First post, so please bear with me. A few weeks back after much research I finally jumped into the backyard fowl and got 5 Muscovy who are now 8 weeks old. These are a complete first for me, I've never had ducks or chickens before. As nature would have it I ended up with three drakes and two...
  9. horscraz

    Integrating New Smaller Flock after Quarantine - Dusting

    We adopted a smaller flock about 2 months ago. I have quarantined from my existing flock since we brought them home. they didn't look the greatest so I dusted for mites, etc. before I put them in my old coop. As suggested on other boards, I will be integrating soon and have built a small...
  10. Cindy in PA

    Chick Integration-still going in safe zone at night after 10 days, help!

    I raised my chicks in the coop this year. I left them out of their safe zone at 5 weeks. The integration during the day has been going great, they went in the run by day 2 & use the big girl roosts, feeder & waterer during the day. The first few days I made sure they were back in their safe zone...
  11. S

    Integrating new chickens into flock

    ...up and “attacking” the new ones. I then moved the older ones into a fenced run and let them be near each other for half hour with a fence in between. Any recommendations on how to make the integration go smoothly and how to go about moving the older ones into the coop with the young...
  12. ForeverFactor

    Integrating chicks into free range flock

    I have 6 chicks that are about 5-6 weeks old now and have been raised in a brooder in in the coop with full visibility to the rest of the flock. I integrated my last group if chicks about that age and if went great but at the time my flock wasn't free range and I noticed that the new chicks...
  13. Chickstarrs

    Integration timing

    I lost a couple of my pullets and am thinking of replacing them before winter so that I have enough eggs over the cold months. Is Fall a good time to integrate? We are getting into the colder wet weather and I do not have a second coop to quarantine. I can put a dog crate inside my present coop...
  14. cluelesschickmother

    Chaos in the hen house! Need to create peace!

    I will preface by saying that I am a first time chicken owner (but long time animal rescuer) from the city and desperately need help!! I ordered 5 buff silkie chickens at the end of June from an online supplier and they all amazingly arrived healthy and adorable. They immediately took to each...
  15. snailpenguin

    Bio-quarantine and integrating old ladies questions

    ...to start "see-don't-touch" introductions. Side questions: A) Are coop swaps, where the old flock gets the new flock's coop and vice versa beneficial for integration or reducing territorial-ness problems? B) Any unusual experiences when the "old flock" are pullets but the "new flock" are hens?
  16. C

    Integrating a younger flock

    Two of my flocks are about 8 weeks apart in age. The older of the two has a NHR rooster. I’m afraid to combine because I’m afraid the younger group, 12 weeks old, are too young and small to handle his testosterone. They have been in the same run separated by hardware cloth for several weeks. At...
  17. CascadeQUAIL

    Integrating a Salmon Faverolle

    Oh man. Samwell. She is such a handful. We got her 2 weeks ago along with her "sister" she was hatched with (Wyandotte), they were in a large actual farm flock but get along very well. The wyandotte is fully integrated into our backyard flock and is doing just fine. Then there's Sam. The other...
  18. N

    Integrating New Pullets - The Final Steps

    Good afternoon all! I have four - 25 week old hens and two hens that are 21 weeks. They are all about the same size. We've had them in adjacent pens for four weeks, and at night, the little girls go into a dog crate and into the garage. The first few times we added the little girls to the run...
  19. Cloyed

    Integrating chicks with flock \ free range

    Hello I have a rooster and 5 adult hens that free range all day. The coop is large and has a door to the run as well as out to my 3 acres The large run has a door to the property as well. Normally they access the property and the coop through the run and I leave the run door open so the chickens...
  20. C

    Integrating young chicks with older chickens

    Hello all, I'm struggling to get my older chickens (3 hens about 9 months old) to accept 3 younger chicks (now about 4 months old). I don't have a lot of space so what I had been doing is putting the chickens in the open run area and leaving the older chickens locked in the coop area (has a...
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