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  1. BigSkyChickens

    I think I can, I think I can

    You can do it. It's OK to cry. Try to get the knife in between the feathers to make good contact with the skin, because cutting through feathers makes it much harder. Good luck.
  2. BigSkyChickens

    Just curious who else is living super frugal

    To deal with higher food prices coming: Continue to improve overall budget skills and reduce debt Harvest and preserve from the garden Improve kitchen skills so we can eat from the freezer all winter long Learn to dehydrate food Learn to pressure-can, to expand my range of...
  3. BigSkyChickens

    My Toddler Singing "Black Chickie Song"

    Just what I needed after a hard week at work! So sweet. Thank you for sharing.
  4. BigSkyChickens

    Zombie apocalypse and chickens...

    This thread is too funny. I just have to add a link to the Zombie Chickens story DBF came up with for our blog: Good luck with your coop.
  5. BigSkyChickens

    Which is better? BYC vs FACEBOOK

    Face-chook feels strange and lonely.....but I don't use it to it's full potential. BYC feels like Grandma's house. She may ramble a bit, and get on your case for bad manners & language...but you know it's good for you. There is something special about BYC!
  6. BigSkyChickens

    I have to share my excitment

    MMMooooo! Congratulations on the cow.
  7. BigSkyChickens

    Just had an overwhelming feeling

    Don't forget to ask your dr. for Rx samples (if they have them). My dr. gave me a whole bunch of samples last year after I went to the pharmacy and found out it was going to cost $250 to get my Rx filled. Good luck, keep the faith....
  8. BigSkyChickens

    Just curious who else is living super frugal

    I hate to see stuff go to waste too. I was thinking about this thread the last couple of days as I was sorting through the last of the chard which is badly infested with leaf miners. It was drudgerous, and took a long time to pick out the infested leaves, then chop, blanche & freeze. DBF...
  9. BigSkyChickens

    Fasting before the slaughter...?

    I'm such a softie, I never have the heart to take away their food before slaughter. I am just extra careful during the evisceration process to NOT poke the intestine. Sometimes, "#%$!" happens, so it's good to have a water source handy for thorough rinsing.
  10. BigSkyChickens

    I lost my whole world on 4-17-12

    Just throwing another prayer onto the prayer-pile.
  11. BigSkyChickens

    Are more people raising meaties?

    My friends and I had to scramble to get our Welp order in by May 2........for shipping on June 6! This spring our feed store got 60 Cornish X vs. 15 last year. That's a feed store in a suburb of San Francisco. Organic chicken is so freakishly expensive here in CA, we decided it would be...
  12. BigSkyChickens


    Nice! We are part of the "Slow Blog Movement", and are trying to post no more than once a week. Don't want blogging to get in the way of living! Cheers, everyone!
  13. BigSkyChickens

    Just curious who else is living super frugal

    SporTees, preserving winter or summer squash? I know about preserving winter squash - it lasts almost the whole winter if you store it in a cool, dry place. I still have a Triamble and a Kirkuzu from last fall. You can cut the winter squash in half, remove seeds, brush w/ oil, and bake in...
  14. BigSkyChickens

    Culling Poult?

    Hi Sonja, I'm so sorry you have to cull your poult. I'm not THAT experienced, but I saw that no one else had replied yet, so I'll give it a whirl. We have only had to cull one meat chick so far, and my dbf did it by stretching the neck. Body held firmly with one hand, head held with the other...
  15. BigSkyChickens

    Will Cornish Cross chickens jump/fly over a 3' fence?

    First of all I had some Cornish Cross last spring, and they were way too heavy to fly over a 3' fence. They generally stayed close to the feeder, and were really funny looking when they tried to run. Good luck with your Cornish Cross!
  16. BigSkyChickens

    Just curious who else is living super frugal

    I blanched and froze some chard for the first time, (before the aphids got the rest of of it), I put some in chicken soup, but other than that. I'm kind of clueless about what to do with it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. People have been sharing this list with me lately when I gripe...
  17. BigSkyChickens

    A Good Day In The Sun

    So sweet! Reminds me of pretending to be a butterfly (as a child, of course).
  18. BigSkyChickens

    Movies with Chickens in Them?

    Don't forget the beginning of "Wizard of Oz": Aunt Em is frantically emptying chicks out of a malfunctioning brooder and putting them under broody hens. That's why they don't have time to listen to Dorothy.
  19. BigSkyChickens

    Just curious who else is living super frugal

    Stupid cat! Oh man.....that image was funny. It's much better when it's just chicken poo, and it's on the OUTSIDE of the shoe! Good luck finding a comfortable new pair of shoes, HeatherLynn. I lucked out at the goodwill and found a $5 pair of work shoes and a cheap pair of cowgirl boots for...
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