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  1. BigSkyChickens

    Cordon Bleu

    Mademoiselle Cordon Bleu's Page November 2010: Bleu-bleu came back from her self-de-beaking with a vengance. She's finished with her molt and looking great. Miss Bleu is NOT what the old-timers would call a "thrifty" chicken. She's a special, goofy little pet. She accidentally broke off the...
  2. BigSkyChickens

    Deaner And Gener

    Deaner and Gener! 2010 Easter Eggers from Alamo Hay & Grain Little Gene-Bee! The picture above is from Sept. 2010 She looked like a bumble bee for the first couple of weeks. We also thought she had some sort of drinking problem, but she's OK now. She did not have to go to rehab..... Deaner...
  3. BigSkyChickens

    Bigskychickenss Page

    Howdy Good Chicken People! Welcome to Big Sky Chicken Ranch and Victory Garden! Hope you enjoy this rambling and heart-felt chicken page. The original goal was eggs, and I so want to be a pragmatic farmer-woman. But the chickens are sweet pets. Darn their cuteness! With their simple...
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