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  1. MadameDork

    My dog, the egg gatherer

    I know someone else posted a thread about their dog doing this a little while ago, but I've searched and searched and couldn't find it. I thought it was great that her dog brought eggs back to her. Well, my girls started laying two weeks ago. One of my EE's either doesn't know when the egg...
  2. MadameDork

    Australorp Chicks at 4 Weeks

    OK, so I know it isn't 100%, but I read somewhere that an australorp can be sexed at 4-6 weeks based on their feathers. Of course I couldn't find pictures showing this for an Australorp. I have two that turned four weeks yesterday. One was very slow to grow for the first two weeks and didn't...
  3. MadameDork

    Hi, I'm Jaime and I'm very new to chickens

    Hello! I tend to be an ubernerd who gets engrossed with my pets and hobbies. The silliest example would be when I had a work Betta fish and knew way more than anyone would have to know about them. I love my pets (currently two dogs and five chicks). I had so many questions that I couldn't...
  4. MadameDork

    Sick Chick or Just Small

    I'm new here, so HI! I got my first five chickens a week and a half ago. They will be two weeks old on Wednesday. I got two Easter Eggers (since I am aware they are not true Ameracanas ), two Australorps and one Rhode Island Red. Four of them have been developing pretty much at the same...
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