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    Single Comb Blue Laced Red Wyondottes?

    I know that wyondottes have rose combs, but we're looking at getting a few from someone and he said that he has 4 rose combs and 4 single combs. He said that it happens sometimes. Before I but them I was just wondering if that was right, it doesn't really seem like it, but then again I haven't...
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    The most beautiful little fuzzy Butts!! Caution pic heavy

    Hi, I just wanted to share some pics of my new Lavender Orpintons. 3 Hatched out last Wednesday and 5 on Monday. The batch of 3 was lavender/split black, so I guess I was lucky to get 2 lavenders and 1 split They are just absolutely beautiful Penguin is the split black one. My DD3 named...
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    A chick just hatched, but the yolk isn't totally absorbed.

    I just had a chick hatch, all on his own. he's walking around the incubator, but the shell is stuck to him and you can still see the yolk. Is there anything I can do to help him?
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    My least favorite part about incubating....The wait

    I put in 4 Bantam Rhode Island Red eggs on the 14th of september. Then 18 Lavender Orpington eggs on the 15th and 20 more on the 20th. Well The Rhode Island and first group of orpingtons went into lock down Sunday. Only 1 Rhode Island was developed and only 6 lavenders. So anyways the rhode...
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    Quick Last Minute Lock-Down Questions

    I have 38 Lavender Orpingtons in the incubator. 18 are set to go into lock down tomorrow and the rest on Friday. I have hatched a ton of birds before, but i paid a lot of money for these and they were shipped so I think I only have about 20 developing and want to make sure that I get every one...
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    8 Week old Cochin, Any ideas?

    I have a blue 8 week old cochin that I was wondering if anyone can tell me what gender it is. I'm thinking hen, but it's so hard to tell with cochins. Thanks Her eye in this picture is fine, i think I caught her blinking.
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    My New Fuzzy Butts!!

    I woke up this morning to 3 little Coturnix running around. Within a half hour, before I left for work, there were 7. When I got home from work, 11 hours later , There were 36 of them Arn't they they cutest:
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    Just wanted to show everyone what we brought home from Waverly today

    Today we got up at 1:30 a.m. and went to the Waverly, IA small animal swap. It was the first time that we have went to that one and I am sure glad that we did. We live North of Madison, WI so it was a nice 4 1/2 hour car ride Anyways, to make a long story short we ended up finding some...
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    What can I give my ducks as Treats

    Hi, I was wondering what I could feed my ducks as treats. I give them their regular feed, but I really want my silver appleyards to become friendly and come up to me on their own. Thanks for any help
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    Look what I had waiting for me when I got Home

    I got home from work yesturday and look what my husband had waiting for me They are Silver Appleyards. They are so pretty. I know that the pics arn't very good, but he just got home and put them in the pen, since the muscovies are having issues getting used to them. They are...
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    I just won some Lavender Orpington Eggs!!!

    I just had to write that I just one an auction for lavender/split orpington eggs. I am so excited. I can't find anyone in WI who has them so I think this is my only way I will get them. I know now that I will be so anxious over next 4 +/- weeks until they hatch
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    Blue Laced Red Wyondottes

    Hi, I am looking to get a nice flock of Blue Laced Red Wyondottes, I think they are so pretty. I may be willing to incubate eggs or if someone has any for sale in WI that would be great. I'm thinking about replacing my Welsummers with them so if you would want welsummers to trade that would...
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    Quail went into lockdown today!!, but they stink :S

    Ok so today is day 14 so I put the Jumbo Corutnix quail eggs in lock down, but 2 days ago I had a leaker and I thought I got everything cleaned, but my incubator stinks. Will that effect the other ones? I candled and I don't see much development in anything, so I hope I still have something hatch
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    Eggs hatching Saturday!! Humidity issues :(

    I have 55 coturnix quail eggs that are supposed to hatch saturday. The humidity in the incubator has been perfect until yesturday when it has spiked to 75% I can't get it down. I've tried everything, I've even taken out all of the water. I'm just using a styro foam one and this is my first...
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    Guineas just hatched! One has bugged out eyes, Why?

    One of our guineas that just hatched has really swollen up eyes. Do you think they are infected or something? He is just laying around, do you think he will be ok? We put electrolites and stuff in the water right away. Should we try some sort of medicated cream? or is it just something...
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    Guineas are starting to hatch. I have questions

    This is not the first time that I have hatched guineas, but I have some questions. Today is only day 25 and you can hear them in the shell pecking or moving. Plus 2 are broken open already. I found this out when i went to turn the eggs last night, since they weren't supposed to go into lock...
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    My Kids unplugged the Incubator last night!

    My kids unplugged the incubator last night and when I went to turn the eggs this morning the temp was only 85* . Are they still going to make it? They are guinea eggs and are due to hatch on monday.
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    WTB: any orpington, barred rock, wayondotte, welsummer hatching eggs

    Hi, I am looking to buy any colored orpington, any wayondotte, welsummer, and barred rock hatching eggs. The only thing is that I am looking for them in Wisconsin. I have heard way to many bad things about shipped eggs and honestly I work for the Post Office and know that things arn't handled...
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    Surprise Chicken

    Well I put some guinea eggs in the incubator 3 weeks ago that I had gotten from a local person selling guinea eggs. Well my husband decided that we should throw in some of our own guinea eggs and see if they would hatch. So far, so good, all of ours are candling perfectly. Well this morning I...
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    How long do you have to wait to incubate?

    Hi, We are getting a welsummer rooster tomorrow for our hens. We currently have about 8 and no rooster. There are a few bantam mixed things in with them now. We will be getting them out of the coop with the other welsummers in it tonight. The ones that are roosters anyways. Anyways I was...
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