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  1. corgis-con-chickems

    Easter Egger Sexing Help - 10 week update - still need help with Piglet!

    Hello wonderful BYC people! I'm still uncertain about Piglet's gender, and I thought I'd post a 10 week update. I was able to get the more obvious cockerel, Bacon, rehomed to a nice family in the country. Piglet still doesn't have the prominent comb that Bacon had, and the coloring on wings is...
  2. corgis-con-chickems

    Easter Egger Sexing Help - 8 week update

    I posted my flock a few weeks ago, at 5 weeks ( wondering if at 8 weeks it is any clearer to the BYC community on what sex these easter egger chickens are becoming! We are in process of building our flock of 6 a...
  3. corgis-con-chickems

    Easter Egger Sexing Help - 5 weeks

    I'm totally new to the chicken thing, and have wanted them for many, many years. So I have been taking photos of my 4 easter eggers and 2 brahmas every week. The brahmas were listed as pullets and the EEs were straight runs. I'm curious as to how they would grow and take on new colors since this...
  4. corgis-con-chickems

    island chicken mama - new to BYC!

    I've always wanted chickens and this year we decided to take the chicken leap. My boo had chickens when he was younger, so he's been a good source of help. But I'm here because I could always use some more advice! We have 4 easter eggers and 2 brahma bantams (I think... they have fluffy feets)...
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