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  1. CheeseandCackles

    6 week old- is it too early to tell gender???

    Hi all, I hatched out a couple eggs since two of my hens went broody. I ended up getting three chicks, one of which I know is a roo, the other two I’m unsure. The first is a Barnvelder x Easter Egger cross. The second is a Barnvelder x ISA Brown cross. Any thoughts? Oh also, they’re about 6...
  2. CheeseandCackles

    Egg bound or something else?

    Hello All, This past Thursday I thought my hen was egg bound because she presented all the suspicious symptoms. I immediately took her inside and ran a bath. Before I could get her in the water, an egg popped out of her, bounced off my leg and ran to the floor. I was surprised but happy it...
  3. CheeseandCackles

    Rattling breathing/wheezing

    Hello! I know there’s a lot about respiratory issues online, but I didn’t really understand how you get them better? should I be taking one to a vet to get a prescription for antibiotics? I have a couple hens that are wheezing, ones worse than others and also sneezes a bit. No obvious...
  4. CheeseandCackles

    Integrating new chickens

    Hello All, I have two mini flocks right now and I’m trying to integrate them. The older flock is three hens and a rooster all about 8 months old or so and a group of 6 pullets about 5 months old. They’ve been living side by side for a couple months now as the younger ones grew larger. Now...
  5. CheeseandCackles

    Split ends on juvenile feathers?

    Hey guys, I’ve looked through different forums and was trying to find someone with a similar problem without any luck. I have six 3 ish month old chicks and the two that are lavender Orpington have what looks like split ends on their feathers? The other chicks that are different breeds don’t...
  6. CheeseandCackles

    Shell-less eggs

    So I’ve been getting a lot of shell-less or soft shell eggs lately from my hens. They just started to lay starting maybe about a month ago. I know new layers have more issues because their bodies are getting the hang of things, but how long does it usually take for them to normalize? They are...
  7. CheeseandCackles

    Pooped up 8 week Easter egger

    Hi! I’m still pretty new and try to remain vigilant with my chickens. Today I noticed on of my 8 week old chicks is pretty poofed up. The others don’t seem cold. Is she sick? Should I isolate her?
  8. CheeseandCackles

    Is this an Australorpe? Orpington? Or Jersey Giant?

    So as the story goes, I'm sure you've heard this before...but I was at TSC, and it was chick days in the spring. They were selling Jersey Giants and Orpingtons. I heard Orpingtons were really nice, so thats what I asked the girl for. When she picked it up I was surprised it was black and I said...
  9. CheeseandCackles

    Chicks and Brooder/Coop Transition

    Good morning! To give a little background I bought chicks about 4 months ago straight run and and ended up with more than I wanted in roosters. So I got another batch a little over a month ago. At week 6 for the new chicks, the brooder I was using quickly became too small. I underestimated...
  10. CheeseandCackles

    First Time Chicken Owner

    Hello all, In my dream of homesteading I got 5 chicks back in April. Despite moving soon, my friends convinced me I could do it anyway and I took the plunge. I’ve always been very into animals, but never raised anything beyond a dog, which I have two terrier mutts. So first time chicken...
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