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  1. lust4life

    BIg Ethel Has Beat the Odds Again!

    Don't know if any of you recall Big Ethel, our Jersey Giant hen who suffered from extreme seizures as a young pullet last fall. Well, not only has she grown into a big, lovely young hen with no apparent health problems, she also became broody, which the literature says is a rarity for Jersey...
  2. lust4life

    Araucana Laying BROWN Eggs ???

    After a period of not laying in late summer, one of our "Easter Egger" type Araucanas, Sonya, laid a few brown eggs instead of the regular turquoise greenish blue we're used to. It's never happened before, to our knowledge. I did read somewhere where it's the bile from their bile duct that adds...
  3. lust4life

    Big Ethel is CURED! (No more seizures, head tucking, running backwards)

    GREAT NEWS! Big Ethel is completely back to normal with absolutely NO signs of seizures or abnormal activity. She is no longer getting anything other than regular chick starter with the occasional treat of wheat germ, flax seed, fresh grass/hay, carrot peelings, and a rare egg shell...
  4. lust4life

    UPDATE: Running Backwards/Seizures? Big Ethel is on the Mend! Mash Recipe Included

    RE: Jersey Giant Running Backwards with Twisted Neck, having possible seizures: We're now convinced it is some type of seizure disorder. Two days ago she had a classic grand mal seizure brought on by the stress of trying to catch her to give her her vitamins. The good news? She is MUCH...
  5. lust4life

    "Watching Chickens Free Range is Better Than Cable TV!"

    Hi Everyone! Although I'm not new to chickens, I am hardly a pro, having only kept them for about six years. Prior to that I worked for many years with both wild and domestic birds, but chickens are in a class all of their own, being bred for rapid meat/egg production and not necessarily long...
  6. lust4life

    JERSEY GIANT GIRL (8 weeks) Running Backwards/Head Tucked--- SEIZURES???

    Hi All-- After a long search about possible seizure disorders/twisted necks, etc. I came across some older threads about chickens intermittently running backwards with their heads tucked under and hope that those folks might be able to shed some new light on the problem now that it's been a...
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