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  1. mountainchick5

    one lonely chick

    My Buff Orpington, Nutter Butter, has been sitting on eggs for about 25 days and one hatched 2 days ago. That's the good news. The bad news is , that she pecked at the poor thing and attacked it. My son luckily was down in the coop when it hatched and scooped it up when he saw her pecking it...
  2. mountainchick5

    sneezing ducklings

    Hello, I am pet sitting my friend's 6 ducklings. They're about 4 weeks old and I've had them for 4days. Yesterday they all started sneezing. They don't have any runny noses and their eyes are clear. They just sneeze, like their trying to blow their noses. I give them a bowl of water and they put...
  3. mountainchick5

    These chickens are driving me crazy!

    It's past ten pm here (and really cold outside) and all I want to do is go out and close the door of the coop, say goodnight to the flock and lock them in, but NOOO, they all come running out! What is the deal?! They're like kids that want "one last drink of water" or something. I don't know if...
  4. mountainchick5

    Is it OK to heat up snacks?

    So it is freezing here, like a lot of other places. I was thinking of what I can do to help the chickens stay warm. I know I like a hot cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate to warm me up. What about the chickens? I feed them our leftovers as treats in addition to their layer pellets and a cup of...
  5. mountainchick5

    A chart showing breeds and egglaying age?

    It seems to me some breeds start to lay eggs at different ages. Is there a chart somewhere that shows the different breeds and when they start to lay eggs? My Buff Orpington started right at 20 weeks and has laid an egg everyday since. My Welsummer laid 3 eggs and stopped. The cochins seem to...
  6. mountainchick5

    sneezing silkie with video!

    We have a 6week old blue silkie that is sneezing and has a runny nose. I've seperated her from the flock with her sibling that is the same age and also sneezes every so often, but not as much. They're in a bin in our sunroom with a heat lamp. The temps outside have been 45high and high20-low30's...
  7. mountainchick5

    mixed flock and egg eating hen

    I have a mixed flock of 20 chickens. 2 hens are laying eggs and one of those hens hatched 3 chicks that are about 3 weeks old. The rest are about 12-16 weeks old.The mama hen has been eating the other hen's eggs and teaching her babies to eat them as well What is the best feed for all of...
  8. mountainchick5

    coyote in the driveway!!

    My DH pulled up this am and there was a coyote making himself comfy in the middle of our driveway! TOO close for comfort!! Did I worry about the kids on their way to the bus (ok a little) BUT he was near our chicken yard!!! Is there anything I can put near the entrance to the driveway where he...
  9. mountainchick5

    Do ducks need a coop?

    I am thinking of getting ducks next Spring. I have a small flock of 20chickens now, and they share a coop. If I get ducks (I'm thinking only 4) will they have to have their own coop? or can they share with the chickens? What kind of set up should I have for them? I'm starting to research now, so...
  10. mountainchick5

    Are certain breeds of roosters quieter than others?

    I have 2 roosters (cockerals) a silkie and polish that are about 12 -14 weeks old now, they haven't started crowing yet. I was wondering if certain breeds of roosters are quieter than others? My silkie hardly even makes a chicken sound at all, he's very quiet and on the bottom of the pecking...
  11. mountainchick5

    Are chickens really bird brains?

    I was wondering if a predator were to enter the yard where my chickens are, would the chickens try and run away and squak, or would they just mill around like usual? Our 2 cats and dog come in and out of the yard, and they're used to them being friendly, so would they think another cat (say...
  12. mountainchick5

    Cuckoo Marans and Barred Rock

    If I cross my Cuckoo Marans Roo with my BR hen, will her chicks that grow into hens lay some darker eggs? Has anyone crossed these 2 breeds?
  13. mountainchick5

    warning about hutch

    I just had to bury my very favorite Golden Comet pullet today. She apparently was sitting on a rabbit hutch we have in the yard, I had it opened it to air it out, and it has a self lock hinge, but the wind was gusty and blew the lid to the hutch down on her while she was roosting on the edge. I...
  14. mountainchick5

    My heat lamp JUST went out!

    I have 5 chicks about 4wks old. MY heat light just burned out and they're in our sunroom, which gets hot in the day but cold at night. It's supposed to be @50 deg. tonight. What has anyone used in a pinch for heat? I suppose I could put them in a bin in our loft for one night (away from the...
  15. mountainchick5

    pullet or cockerel polish?

    This polish (golden right?) is about 12 weeks old. He/she just started to get a crown and waddles and they're pretty pink/red in color. Sorry the pics aren't that great. All the other chickens are trying to get the string to the camera and get in the picture and this one is running away and...
  16. mountainchick5

    Color of the egg

    I have a birchen bantam hen that lays white eggs, I thought they should be brown? Not that it matters, just curious, what causes this and is it ok?
  17. mountainchick5

    Barred Rock Roo?

    Is this a Barred Rock Roo or a maran? He has silver legs. Our BR pullet has yellow legs.
  18. mountainchick5

    Rooster crowing

    I just adopted a bantam birchen cochin and his mate. He's a few years old, and crows when the sun comes up....and crows and crows and crows till noon. OK it's been light for hours now. What is he crowing about? I'm new at raising chickens and was wondering why roosters crow. I know about the...
  19. mountainchick5

    Naming the coop-any ideas?What's yours?

    So I've seen clever names people have given their coops. Ours is almost finished and I have a blank plaque that is waiting for something very unique. Does anyone have any ideas? What's yours?
  20. mountainchick5

    What to use for dust baths?

    I am going to get playsand for the chickens to have a dust bath. I also heard about using ashes from the fireplace. Can I use ashes from charcoal grill? What else could I use? Can I mix them and make my own ultimate dust bath solution?
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