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  1. nickrex98

    I really need some help

    ok so this is my first time ever getting a incubator, and im getting some silkies, and lavender orpingtons for the first time , so im getting some hatching eggs from the garry farm, i have two questions: what quality woud u say the garry farm silkies and lavender orpingtons are, and the second...
  2. nickrex98

    AUCTION 12+ EE hatching eggs

    these Ameraucana eggs come from show quality stock. but that doesn't mean you are guaranteed to get show quality. also I do not give refunds on hatching eggs just because of the shipping can break the eggs. paypal only please :
  3. nickrex98

    is australorps from meyer hatchery any good

    i think the tittle says it all but can you tell me about the australorps you got from meyers
  4. nickrex98

    Can You Show Me?

    can you show me some pictures of your australorps and leghorns before and after they layed their first egg
  5. nickrex98

    is someone willing to trade

    i have a black australorp pullet and a ee pullet and im hoping to trade someone for two silkies a cockerel and a pullet that is hopefully a good quality if you you are willing to trade please pm me
  6. nickrex98

    brinsea info

    how long did it take for brinsea to ship you your incubator
  7. nickrex98

    is he a pure

    is he a pure Ameraucana
  8. nickrex98

    what am i

  9. nickrex98

    what am i

    what breed am i
  10. nickrex98

    Is She Ready

    well i have a 18 week old australorp and lately she has been making holes in the hay (she never did that non of the others do it) i wondering if she is making a nest and getting ready to lay
  11. nickrex98

    How To Tell

    can you guys show me some pics or videos on how to tell if your hen is about to lay
  12. nickrex98

    Question Here

    Ok Is It Ok For Me Not To Turn The Eggs In The Incubation Progress
  13. nickrex98

    What Time Did They Start

    how old were your hatchery hens start to lay im still waiting for my austrlorps to lay and they are 18 weeks old
  14. nickrex98

    Wtb : Silkie Chicks

    looking for silkie chicks around the age of 4 month a blue or black pullet , willing to pay for shipping or local pick up
  15. nickrex98

    How Does He Loook

    does this splash roo look like a good quality roo which on looks better quality
  16. nickrex98

    any silkie breeders out there

    im looking for a breeder that has blue,and black silkies around the age of 4 to 6 months located in georgia or state close to me
  17. nickrex98

    silkie breeder

    looking for a silkie breeder in georgia
  18. nickrex98

    Wtb Silkie pullet

    looking for a good quality blue silkie hen around the age of 4-5months old if you have one for sale or you want to give her away just pm me
  19. nickrex98

    what colors will i get

    ok what would i get if i had a black silkie roo over blue,splash and what would i get if i had a blue silkie roo over blue,black,splash
  20. nickrex98

    Looking For A Rooster!!

    Hi im hoping one of you out there are looking to get rid of some blue silkie roosters, and im going to be the one that buys him. but he has to be 4 -5 months old and I don't need SQ, but I would like a good quality, not hatchery quality as I've heard they aren't as pretty oh i forgot im...
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