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  1. U_Stormcrow

    Picked up a free Roo today, it needed re-homing

    The husband spoke almost no English, and the wife didn't know much about chickens. She thought it might be a Cochin / Dominique cross?
  2. U_Stormcrow

    Looking for Sexing tips - "Hoover Hatchery Rainbows"

    My Hoovery Hatchery "Rainbows" bought as straight run at TSC are coming up on 29 weeks of age. While they are more of a landrace (if I understand that term correctly) than a true breed, in that they are a barnyard mixing that's been isolated and left to its own genetic devices, and there isn't...
  3. U_Stormcrow

    Processed my first Bird today - Cornish X, aged 23 weeks, 5 days [No Pictures - Safe for the Squeemish]

    Still haven't unpacked my emotions - nothing felt strongly, just lots of different feelings - but I'm not wired right, so I guess that's a good thing in this instance. Do feel I should have used a sharper knife. This was quick, clean, and respectful - but I'd have preferred my first cut to...
  4. U_Stormcrow

    You know you value (love) your flock when... willingly walk out in a Thunderstorm to ensure they are fed, secure, and dry for the night.
  5. U_Stormcrow

    Ways to get ducks to eat oyster shell???

    I have a mixed flock, and in the case of the pekin ducks, lots of drakes I've not yet culled. One of my hens is laying an egg a day, between 1.7 and 2.0 oz. We'll call her "green" for the color of her zip tie leg band. Anyhow, I feed my birds All Flock, which isn't an "extra calcium" feed...
  6. U_Stormcrow

    Feed Question - Harrell Milling (N Fl, AL, GA poultry people)

    Does anyone have any experience with feeds coming out of the local milling company, Harrells of Hartford, AL? I'm currently feeding whatever All Flock I can get from TSC, which usually works out around $0.39 to 0.41/lb. At those prices, they are stretching my entertainment budget, forget being...
  7. U_Stormcrow

    Egg Laying Behavior - 1st Timer Question "Pulsing/Clutching Vent" CornishX

    (I'm certain the answer is in these threads somewhere, but the coffee hasn't turned my brain on yet, and I just can't find it) I have a mixed flock (see Sig) with a bit of a difference in ages, too. For the past week+, maybe two,my girls have been exploring the nesting boxes (now even darker)...
  8. U_Stormcrow

    FYI - Dead Chick deliveries due to Postal Delays

    This is NOT a post about politics. Just to alert members who may be impacted. Shipping Delays - Hundreds of dead chicks - USPS New England Area I will not be monitoring this thread. Its FYI Only
  9. U_Stormcrow

    Best Kill Cones???

    Looking for recommends, believe I will need more than one. What do you recommend (Brand, Size, etc) as the best kill cones for processing a small number of birds, and why??? I have to process Pekin Ducks, overlarge Cornish X (12 weeks+), and eventually birds as small as Golden Comets, with the...
  10. U_Stormcrow

    Hoover Hatchery Rainbows - looking for experienced owners with notes

    I have 8 Hoover Hatchery Rainbows purchased from TSC, which I initially miss identified as New Hampshire Reds - you know how TSC is about their labels, and all the birds were identical as chicks and later in their growth, hardly what I expected of "rainbows". Anyhow, I'm a first time owner and...
  11. U_Stormcrow

    May need to change my Signature. NHR or "Hoover Hatchery Rainbow"???

    OK, backstory. 9 weeks ago, though I knew that TSC "isn't great" about correctly labeling its birds, I bought 8 chicks, all nondescript soft solid yellow in color with no dots, stripes, or other markings. They were labelled "Rainbow Pullets" - Rainbow, I understood at the time, just meant a...
  12. U_Stormcrow

    9 w/o NHRs "shark fin" look

    Ok, this is my first time, and its probably nothing, but as I was putting the flock in from free ranging for the night, I noticed three of my flock - 9 week old New Hampshire reds - each had a vaguely shark-fin like (or mohawk, if you prefer) collection of a few feathers starting to sticking up...
  13. U_Stormcrow

    Excess Whole Corn - Ferment it???

    I have about 40# of dried whole corn - had purchased it to throw out to the deer on my property, and to encourage other wildlife (turkeys visit too) on my 30+ acres, but BAM!!! I think my neighbors have taken some game out of season. So... I'm left w/ 40# of corn, and no burr mill for cracking...
  14. U_Stormcrow

    Dark Brahma (4 weeks old) Query - and I promised myself I wouldn't do this...

    Actually have five Dark Brahma, all purchased at the farm store 4 weeks ago, so not expecting birds perfectly matching the standards. Attaching pictures of the birds at both extremes of the coloration, should be able to figure it out on my own from there. One of our dark brahma is very dark...
  15. U_Stormcrow

    Learning (late), but learning

    Wife and I purchased property last year, began a small flock two months ago. At the time, it was four Pekin ducks and eight "rainbow" pullets, all of which I now think are likely New Hampshire Reds, as no other pics closely resemble their medium reddish color, clean yellow legs, and black...
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