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  1. cpwhip

    are y'all better off than you were 4 years ago ?

    my next door neighbor says he pays about 1,300 total for oil during the winter months.
  2. cpwhip

    are y'all better off than you were 4 years ago ?

    I tried to buy my own tank last year but because of insurance reasons and state laws not one company would agree fill it! I also am on a will call basis simply because if I were to lock in a price they estimated my bill would be 500 a month 12 months a year. the will call helps keep me to...
  3. cpwhip

    are y'all better off than you were 4 years ago ?

    well there you have it thats why you are doing so well "propane" I have a bill sitting right here for 1,250.00 the 1st of 4-5 bills I will pay over the winter just to heat my house! I will be installing baseboard heaters this weekend because eletricity is cheaper! I have watched the last couple...
  4. cpwhip

    It is so HOT!!!

    80? its been 95 to 110 here humid and nasty but my girls do fine they have shade and love cold watermelons and frozen corn on the cob:)
  5. cpwhip

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  6. cpwhip

    My dogs

    in my case the best solution is keeping them separate, my dogs have a fenced acre on one side of the house and my girls have thier run/coop and free range area on the other side. getting rid of my girls or my Rotts will never happen but I know if given the chance the Rotts would go after them...
  7. cpwhip

    Cutest Chicken Contest.

    Silvia and Goldie gold and silver wyandottes 3-4 months Sweetpea Copper Marans 14 months
  8. cpwhip

    need some help please..

    Thanks thats what I will do. I never had this happen before so it was kinda weird:)
  9. cpwhip

    need some help please..

    I purchased 6 new chicks about 2 months ago I kept them in the run and let the older ladies get used to seeing them for 2 weeks before letting them loose, everything went fine with the older ladies and they excepted them, but the new girls wont go in the coop at night? I have to pick them up...
  10. cpwhip

    finally getting eggs!!! pic's!

    yum!!! now if I could find homes for 3 BCM Roo's I'd have it made:) double yoker! some of my ladies:) 2 of the 3 Roo's that need homes:(
  11. cpwhip

    Opinions on Coop Kits

    these coops are way too small and wont hold up in cold climates, I bought one and the biggest dissapointment was the size they make them look much larger then they are, here is the 1st one I bought then less then 2 weeks later upgraded to the large red one. I can't build either and if I knew...
  12. cpwhip

    I'm Pouring again

    Jack Daniels shots with hard apple cider.
  13. cpwhip

    Quick Question!

    mine wont eat lettus or cabbage but they get mean as snakes fighting over corn on the cob. my neighbors little girls bring over mounds of fresh grass clipping and leave them beside the door of the run and when I went to let the chickens out of the coop there it was it was I thought it was so...
  14. cpwhip

    Quick Question!

    these are my 1st chickens so I'm playing it safe, I gave them some really super ripe tomatoes and some xxl cucumbers they love the seeds but I am tossing the plant material into the compost heap. I did spead some sugar free peanut butter on a chuck of watermelon and they went crazy over it.
  15. cpwhip

    Quick Question!

    eek! thats why I asked first! thank you both very much:) I'd rather be safe then sorry so I will avoid the tomato plants.
  16. cpwhip

    Quick Question!

    I am ripping out my vegi plants and I am wondering if I can feed the plants to my chickens they are green bean,tomato and some cucumber plant leaves? Thanks!
  17. cpwhip

    breed and gender? your opinions are needed.

    anyone? at what age will I have to worry about them fighting? should I separate them let them grow to table size? should we cull and eat the other two? lol I've never done it before:( thanks for the advise:)
  18. cpwhip

    My Puppy Chicken - Update, new photos on #11

    awe really sweet you have an adorable puppy!
  19. cpwhip

    breed and gender? your opinions are needed.

    Quote: Wished we could all get exactly what we wanted. I'd watch them for awhile yet and decide later, and choose the most manly one that fit closest to what I want to breed. ok, I will continue to watch them then decide who's the keeper. at what age will I have to worry about them fighting...
  20. cpwhip

    breed and gender? your opinions are needed.

    I am positive this is a Roo he's 8 weeks and 3 days and crows pathetically. I think he's a blue marans? here is another I think is a blue marans and also a Roo? here are the two that I think are Roo's but there is a third in the picture above that looks exactly like these two only lighter in...
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