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    I put plastic around their play yard to cut down on the wind. I have had to reduce their play area to do it,also they are more likely to go outside when the wind is less. My white rocks used to get frost bite on the very tips, it didn't seem to bother them much.
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    Feather loss/red around the vent, pics posted

    I have had first year hens molt, I notice it more when there is a late start to winter. All of my March hens are molting.
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    COngrats Polly, having a broody is the way to go, even in the dead of winter we have success!
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    Hello all you Mainers, I live in the Bangor area, but have my very own county boy, love my chickens.
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    I did it! I processed 4 this morning!!! PICS ADDED

    I did 16 last weekend and ended up with 96 pounds of meat, it cost me 56 dollars to raise them.
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    Bees Swarming

    Thanks so much, I was so glad my son was home from college he was a big help and a few curious neighbors. I have the book and will bone up tonight. What a big mess, I thought it was going to be a calmer experience, but the mean hive has been that way since the beginning. I took out about 20...
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    My eggs are starting to hatch!! update! one is out :)

    At this point I would just let it be and not disturb it.
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    Bees Swarming

    Hello, I know I saw a beekeeping thread on here, I am looking for a chat room much like this for beekeeping.ANy ideas? I am a newbie and had a huge swarm today and my frames have LOTS of queen cells going, I am ready to throw in the towel, I dont know what to do.I did rehome one swarm in a new...
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    5 1/2 week old white rocks dying

    I dont do the 12 hr feed schedule I keep the feed out always and have kept them for up to 10 weeks with only 1 death in the last 3 years. good luck
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    Having a swap in bangor would be great. I am in the Bangor area and do insulate my coop and run a heat lamp on cold nights.
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    You won't believe this. Help....

    This does happen, I usually move the momma to a bottom floor sectioned off are a day or 2 before hatch with lots of food and water. I would get some water with a wee bit of sugar or plain electrolite liquid dropped into the chicks mouth. at night when momma is in partial darkness slip the baby...
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    What to feed broody hen

    I treat mine like a Queen while they sit, I feed them regular laying crumbles, scrambled eggs and cottage cheese, I keep food and water near her in little dishes.
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    Mallard duck nesting in Maine Home Depot garden.

    My office is near there I have been visiting weekly. Sadly this new store sits in an area that once had lots of wet land.......until Walmart and Home Depot thought a new store was needed only about 1/4 of a mile from their now empty stores ( 2 years empty!) that were also built on wet lands...
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    1st time to have a broody please

    I would get some fertile eggs under her within the next day or two, 10-12 clean, unwashed and (preferable) eggs that have not been in the fridge. I have 3 broodies right now 2 of them go broody about4- 5 xs a year. ( Both are over 3 yrs old!) I put a small bowl of feed and water near her. As...
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    Urgent help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yes they will
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    Please recommend a breed that makes excellent mothers!

    Black Copper Marans, my go broody 4-5 xs a year excellent mothers.
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    Best Pots and Pans?

    cast iron and Descoware all the way, this is the only kitchen ware I use, love love it
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    Check step before trying to have a broody hatch...

    Same plan I use, you should be able to tell when she can handle the babies with the others around. Try letting her out with them late at night when things are settled down, I do this for a few days to see how it goes, if she is protective it shouldnt be an issue, they will steer clear of her.
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    Collecting eggs from broody, grouchy hens

    Let them go broody and give them some fertile eggs, makes for a happier chicken.
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    Wobbly Pullet (video included)

    I have the same issue going on and it has happened to me before, all of my birds are hatched here under a broody, never vaccinated, wondering if its Marecks? Help?
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