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  1. babsi

    Seattle Area - Barnevelder Hen - Needs new home

    My Barnevelder hen needs a new home. She was born the beginning of August 2016, so not yet a year old. She lays light brown eggs and is currently towards the end of being broody. She does not have any issues whatsoever with my two Easter Eggers that are the same size as her. She was laying...
  2. babsi

    To add or not to add

    I have two Easter eggers, one Barnevelder and one silkie. The silkie is everyone's favorite punching bag. Right now she's broody so when I take her out she gets picked on. So far no blood and since they free range she usually scratches around by herself and sometimes they are all together in...
  3. babsi

    Are silkies as aggressive as other chickens

    I have two EE and one Barnevelder and one Silkie. I love my Silkie, I only like one of the other hens as far as temperament is concerned. One is bullying my Silkie. I am tempted to let all three live somewhere else and get five Silkies to add with my one. Is that a good idea? Will there be just...
  4. babsi

    Silkie being bullied

    I think I need some popular opinions and wisdom from those who have had a similar experience. I have two Easter Eggers, one Barnevelder and one Silkie. I was told they would all live happily ever after. Ha. The B has decided to make it her mission in life to bully and pick on the Silkie. This...
  5. babsi

    Hen bullying silkie

    I have two EE, one Barnevelder and one Silkie. The B has decided to chase and bully the little silkie. There is no blood yet, but she does pull feathers. When they are out and about the silkie keeps to herself. In the run, which is big for four chickens, the B will run over to the silkie just to...
  6. babsi

    Half torn comb

    Ok. So. I came out to the coop and there was blood splattered all over the feeder and waterer. Then this hen kept shaking her head and that's when I noticed she was bleeding from the head. None of my other three had blood on their beaks or feathers. I got a towel and soapy water to clean her up...
  7. babsi

    What's normal after passing rubber egg?

    My hen was acting sick yesterday evening. I picked her up and egg yellow squirted out. I took her in and after applying a warm cloth she passed a rubber egg. I watched her for a while and put her to sleep in the coop. This morning she's free ranging and I added vitamins to the water. She pooped...
  8. babsi

    Egg bound?

    My chicken was very lathargic. I picked her up and egg yellow squirted out her vent. I took her in. Applied warm compress and within a minute she passed a rubber egg. How do I know if there are eggshells in her??
  9. babsi

    8 week old chicken appears to be sick

    I have four chickens. They are now 8 weeks old and have been in their enclosure with hen house for about 2 weeks. One of my easter eggers is not as peppy today. She kind of looks at the food but is not really eating. She's still with the others, but not as fast. She also keeps her head tucked in...
  10. babsi

    Inside run suggestions

    As you can see we are hard at work to make our coop. We had a pergola in an odd spot so it's now the coop. The whole thing will be fenced in. The ground is dirt and we added old grass we had to remove. Is that ok? Some weeds and grass pieces are long and I heard that can be a problem? The run...
  11. babsi

    Adding to young flock?

    I have four two week old chicks. One silkie, one Barnavelder and two Easter eggers. One Barnavelder died yesterday and I'm waiting a week to see if anyone else is getting sick. After that I would like to add either another silkie and a barred rock or two barred rocks. I found a feed store that...
  12. babsi

    Need antibiotics in the Seattle area tonight!

    My chick has been sneezing and wheezing since yesterday. I went to the place where I got them and they gave me Corid to add to the water. Now I am finding out that this may not even help her. I want to go ahead and give her antibiotics. She is worse and it's the only thing I can think of. All...
  13. babsi

    Chick sneezing and breathing hard

    I have five chicks (11 days old) and one started sneezing today. A chirp with a head shake, I picked her up and she also looks like she has trouble breathing. Other than that she is acting ok. Any suggestions?
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