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  1. cpwhip

    need some help please..

    I purchased 6 new chicks about 2 months ago I kept them in the run and let the older ladies get used to seeing them for 2 weeks before letting them loose, everything went fine with the older ladies and they excepted them, but the new girls wont go in the coop at night? I have to pick them up...
  2. cpwhip

    finally getting eggs!!! pic's!

    yum!!! now if I could find homes for 3 BCM Roo's I'd have it made:) double yoker! some of my ladies:) 2 of the 3 Roo's that need homes:(
  3. cpwhip

    Quick Question!

    I am ripping out my vegi plants and I am wondering if I can feed the plants to my chickens they are green bean,tomato and some cucumber plant leaves? Thanks!
  4. cpwhip

    breed and gender? your opinions are needed.

    I am positive this is a Roo he's 8 weeks and 3 days and crows pathetically. I think he's a blue marans? here is another I think is a blue marans and also a Roo? here are the two that I think are Roo's but there is a third in the picture above that looks exactly like these two only lighter in...
  5. cpwhip

    it's crowing!?!

    I went out to let the chicks out and heard all the normal cluck cluck and peeping then heard a pathetic ERRR ERRR ERRRR they are only supposed to be 7 weeks old isn't that a little young? I will take pictures I have a strong feeling I got 3 Roo's out of the 6 and I'm not sure who to keep if any...
  6. cpwhip

    new chicks?!

    I have 8- 9 week old chicks and I introduced 6-5 week old chicks over a week ago they roost together from day one all night with no issues but when the smaller chicks go into the run the older chicks chase them? I'm thinking about putting the younger chicks in a movable run so they can be...
  7. cpwhip

    LOL I'm starting to think like a BYCER:)

    I saw this posting on craigslist and my 1st thought was wow! that would make a great coop:) and its free anyone in or near W VA?
  8. cpwhip

    new Blue Copper Marans chicks + Q's + pictures!

    I bought 4 Blue Copper Marans yestereday from a wonderful local couple we met:) we are not sure of the sexes but I'm hoping for one Roo out of the 4 what do you think? also they are supposed to be 4 weeks old but the little black one looks to be more like 2 weeks old? my big question I put them...
  9. cpwhip

    Breed opinions please?

    Ok, I'm new to chicken keeping right now I have 8 RSL and love 'em my question is I would like to have a variety of hens but I want to only keep easily handled and friendly types in your opinions what would be some good choices to add to my flock? I would like to add the new chicks in before my...
  10. cpwhip

    I hate chicken wire!

    ok, I upgraded my coop size and picked an awesome spot to set the new coop then I built a 22x16 foot run and used chicken wire to cover it. I hate the look of chicken wire its ugly and hard to work with and all wibbled no matter how hard I stretch it, it still looks aweful! please if any of you...
  11. cpwhip

    my new and 1st sex link chicks:)

    here are pics of my girls they will be six weeks saturday! they let me pet them while eating for the 1st time this morning and are eating out of my hand:) I'm new to chickens but I'm enjoying them more then I ever thought possible but I think I'm spoiling them, we are building them a large run...
  12. cpwhip

    only a week or two into keeping chickens

    and I already upgraded my coop the 1st one pictured here I felt was too small. funny when I bought it they said it will house 8 standard or 12 bantams and being a newb I trusted them however I soon found out this coop is suited for maybe 3-4 standard size chickens. so I upgraded to this coop it...
  13. cpwhip

    my new chicks:)

    my peeps:) I just found an almost new Magnum 10x10x6 kennel so we will go get it tomorrow and use it for them so they can have more space:)
  14. cpwhip

    are these good chickens?

    I was offered 6 Red Sexlinks from a local guy to get started, I know they are Hybrid and I read they don't breed true but I really don't know what that means. any advise would be great. thanks
  15. cpwhip

    I have a major concern.

    my apologies if I am posting in the wrong spot. I have a huge concern about keeping chickens, it's really my only concern. anyhow I know I'm jumping the gun because I don't have chickens yet but when I do I know there will obviously come a time to butcher and honestly I don't know how or even if...
  16. cpwhip

    I'm in Maryland!

    I live between Hagerstown and Frederick a little town called Keedysville just outside of Boonsboro Md if any of you locals know where I can buy a great quality coop or know someone local who builds them please let me know. I will be continuing to learn about raising chickens while I am preparing...
  17. cpwhip

    my other hobbies are:

    Reefing and Rottweilers heres some pics:)
  18. cpwhip

    wanna be chicken owner here:)

    I have thought about keeping chickens for the last couple of years and I am just now trying to learn all I can about it. I am hoping I will get some good info on coops and breeds and keeping them healthy. I live in Maryland with my Husband 2 Rottweilers 2 Lhasa apso's and 27 saltwater fish I...
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