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  1. Blue_dingo

    11 week Brahama Bantam

    Ive gone back and forth on this bird about a million times but I havent seen a whole lot of Brahamas in my day. What am I looking at here? Thanks!!!
  2. Blue_dingo

    When to assist? 28 hours breakin shell in weird spot and its slow going

    Check out the pic below, I have a chick that has been working on this hole for 28 hours now with slow progress. It pipped in an odd spot too, most likely due to the saddled air cell it has. So when do i pop the lid and assist? 36 hours? I dont think it needs much to crack, it just cant seem to...
  3. Blue_dingo

    Wanted: Bantam Brahma Eggs (why are they so hard to find??)

    Hi all, Im looking to get some bantam brahmas to add to my flock but i cant seem to find hatching eggs of any kind for the breed, only chicks. Anyone out there got 8-12 eggs of bantam brahmas they’d like to sell? Thanks!!
  4. Blue_dingo

    Are these eggs viable?

    Strange markings on these eggs with some translucent speckles. What is going on here and are these eggs still viable for incubation? Thanks!
  5. Blue_dingo

    Dry or not to dry? First hatch on magic fly /joanel12

    Hi y’all, I got my first set of eggs coming and I’ve been messing with my magic fly incubator. I have a thermometer/hygrometer in there to verify temp and RH and Ive found i can get to a couple of humidity settings for incubating pretty easily at around 25% and 35% RH. So, do i roll with...
  6. Blue_dingo

    New chick, mystery breed!!! Told it was an australorp but....

    What up chicken peeps, my buddy got this chick a couple days ago from a bin that was black australorps, golden laced wyandottes, and white plymouth rocks. Could it be a white rock, they looked like a normal yellow chick at the store? Now we have a gray chick and a mystery on our hands. What...
  7. Blue_dingo

    White silkie cockerel and red oegb cockerel looking for new homes in Northern California

    Ive got two boys that need new homes, a white silkie cockerel and an OEGB red cockerel. They come cheap I am really just looking for 6-12 rando fertile eggs to try out but DM me with any offers. I am in the Sacramento area. Thanks!
  8. Blue_dingo

    White silkie cockerel and red OEGB cockerel for rando fertile eggs. NorCal

    I am looking for homes for these two dudes, they are both healthy boys that have been great with my flock. Looking to get 6-12 fertile eggs of just about any breed but I am really just looking to get them homed in good spots, seperate or together. I am in the Sacramento area. Thanks!!
  9. Blue_dingo

    Hen or roo? Bonus breed confirmation

    My rescue chick is growing up fast, still a little young I know but what do y’all think, hen or roo? Also, I think she (yes im assuming she, speaking it into existence and all) is old english game or some mix thereof. She is pretty much a feral chicken of the North central valley, CA. What do...
  10. Blue_dingo

    Proper method for quarantine/treating half feral chick before flock integration

    I ended up with a barnyard mix chick that I think has been living a half feral life (long story). What are the steps I need to do to quarantine and make sure this chick doesnt get/transfer any bad coccidia/parasites, etc.? Im thinking medicated feed, a few pinches of prozap under the wings and...
  11. Blue_dingo

    Brooder in Garage but garage just hit 90

    Hello, my brooder is in my garage which worked great for the spring but now it is getting to 90 in the garage itself. I have turned off the light but are they good w 90 degrees and nowhere to go and cool down? Do I need to make an inverse brooder and have a cool side? I dont think bringing them...
  12. Blue_dingo

    The wild chickens of Yuba City, CA

    What are these bad boys? They are all over the town of Yuba City in the central valley, and have naturalized heavily on the south side of town. Im sure they are a mix of some kind but here are the most common types I could find. Hens generally come in two colors, black and gold/buff with the...
  13. Blue_dingo

    The Silkie Challenge! Thoughts on gender of these two birds

    i realize they are a bit young but here are Butternut (white) and Squash (black). Butternut is the younger of the two at 8 Weeks, and this bird has done some play fighting with my sebright cockerel. Comb is just a single small ridge poking up for now. It is inquisitive and scratches and forages...
  14. Blue_dingo

    Silver sebright cockerel in northern CA

    this lil dude cant stay with us city folk unfortunately! Lemme know if u are interested he is not aggressive and is at the bottom of the pecking order rt now due to being one of teo bantams in the flock. He is 5-6 weeks old, and I am in Sacramento.
  15. Blue_dingo

    Silver Sebright Cockerel near Sacramento CA

    Hello, I am looking to swap/give away this beautiful silver sebright cockerel for an interested owner. This breed does not get big and Salt in general has been avoiding human contact and is not aggressive. He is 5-6 weeks old right now but with that red comb and his feathering he will be a...
  16. Blue_dingo

    Wanted: Bantam Easter egger hatching eggs

    Hello, I am looking to get 6 or so bantam Easter egger/ Americana/ Ameraucana eggs to hatch. Not particular about origins, just trying to find some good layers with some new egg colors. I am based out of northern California. Thank you in advance.
  17. Blue_dingo

    Bantam Easter Eggers, Sacramento and Northern California

    Hello, I am looking to add some EE bantams to my flock, but would like to raise them up early from chicks so they can be friendly. Please let me know if you have any available, I can travel most anywhere in the central valley and northern california. Thanks!!!
  18. Blue_dingo

    Hen or Roo: 5 week old orpington

    Buff orpington doing well at 4-5 weeks, what do y’all think about the sex? Thanks!!
  19. Blue_dingo

    5 week old Ameraucana: hen or roo

    Hi all, can I get a quick gender check on this bird? She sure looks like a hen to me, but likes to get in the typical rooster fighting stance and boss the other hens around. The comb looks good to me but this is my first Ameraucana so i dont have a frame of reference and they seem quite...
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