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  1. card5640

    Bees Swarming

    Hello, I know I saw a beekeeping thread on here, I am looking for a chat room much like this for beekeeping.ANy ideas? I am a newbie and had a huge swarm today and my frames have LOTS of queen cells going, I am ready to throw in the towel, I dont know what to do.I did rehome one swarm in a new...
  2. card5640

    What kind is he? Silky?

    I was told it was a silky, sadly he just started crowing and I can not have a rooster in town.
  3. card5640

    Thanksgiving surprise

    These came as a surprise two days early despite the freezing cold Maine temps, her 5th hatch of the year.
  4. card5640


    I just had a chicken die and I had an autopsy done and one of the results was listeria and a host of other aliments. I have them on anti biotics and sulmet. I did a search on here for Listeria and got no hits, can someone share some light on the topic?
  5. card5640

    red beaked, dark chicky, kind?

    I have a dark brown chickie with some lighter coloring on the feathers wings and it has a red tipped beak? anyone know what kind it is?
  6. card5640

    Need Info on Comm. Chicken Co-Op coops remember reading about it?

    I remember reading somewhere about community chicken coops a type of co-op maybe it was in Oregon or Washington? I tried google and got no where. Any help would be appreciated we are thinking of doing a neighbor hood coop/ farm.
  7. card5640

    Odd behavior in Broody

    Has anyone else had this happen? In my last 3 hatches ( 3 different hens) on the last day or 2 before the hatch out the Momma will turn her back, in the nest box and face the inside of the box. After they are all hatched out she then turns if she wants privacy or something?
  8. card5640

    51lb Tom and 30 lb hen I'm thrilled! (Processing Photos in the thread)

    Yup thats dressed out!! Tom was 68 lbs and dressed at 51, his thighs are bigger than my 10 yr olds! Hen is 30. They cost me 134$ to raise and slaughter, good deal when fresh birds are bringing 3$ a pound here. Broad breasted Whites is what they were/are, soaking now. The guy who did them...
  9. card5640

    Who is laying the double yolkers?

    My girls are 6 months old and i have not been able to catch who is laying the double yolker just about every day, they have been laying for about 2 wks. here is what I have. Barred Rock golden laced Wyandotte Blue cochin ( who I have not seen the boxes yet) White Brahma Buff Orpington Black...
  10. card5640

    Turkey cost question, good deal?

    I have the chance to buy two May born turkeys, one male one female they are said to be 35-45 pounds each. I can buy them for 45$ each. I buy fresh birds each year at 3$ per pound and usually I get a 25-35 pounder and a 15-20 pounder. How much feed do you think they'l eat in this last month...
  11. card5640

    Hen weak after hatching

    My 11 month old Maran has lost weight and her crown is no longer reddish its a bit grey, shes being a great Mom to her 3 babies. How can I build up her strength, when will she start laying again. She was broody for 5 weeks total. She's eating egg layers and growers crumbles and Ive been giving...
  12. card5640

    Legs coming out of egg first, Normal?

    One of the chicks is hatching under my broody right now and the legs are out first, is htis normal?? Help
  13. card5640

    Back from Freezer Camp results are great

    Brought my 4 9 week old Cornish crosses in today. ( would of been 5 but one died this morning) My only rooster weighed out at 9 lbs, I got 27 lbs of meat for a total of 36$ would of been at least 32 lbs if that one would not have died. Not a bad result for organic meat, sure beats the farmers...
  14. card5640

    If an old hen is broody does that mean she'll still lay eggs?

    Someone wants to give me some hens, she doesnt know how old they are but there are several who are broody right now and setting on lots of eggs, some eggs may or may not be their own. My questions is: If a hen is being broody does that mean she still lays eggs? Then I would know which hens to...
  15. card5640

    Dirty C-Xs embarassed to bring to Butcher

    My chickens are sooo dirty, I am embarassed to bring them in for Freezer Camp, should I be, has he seen dirtier ones before. I pride my self in the care I give them. I move their cage daily but they sleep and poop on each other, they are filthy, is this normal? Their undersides are gross.
  16. card5640

    meat birds no longer crazy to eat, is this a prob?

    My C-Xs are now 5 weeks and Ive been feeding them for 12 hrs and off for 12, until this week they became crazy when I filled the feeder in the morn. Now they dont run to eat, they are eating , but without the vigor they once had. Is this normal? Otherwise their behavior has not changed.
  17. card5640

    Mainer looking for good layer pullets

    Looking for 1-3 good layers 6-12 weeks old. I live in Bangor.
  18. card5640

    Maine wanted Bantam 8 weeks-25 weeks old lost our red pile

    No roosters, would love a fancy bantam to replace the one something got. Ive got one very sad 9 yr old daughter. Thanks
  19. card5640

    Does DE use 4 days ago have anything to do w/ bloody poo?

    My chickens have all been healthy for 2 yrs and yesterday I noticed boody poo and one hen had been picked at w/ now a bare spot on neck. I have the 2 bloody pooers confined apart and doing the sulmet treatment, and blue kote. 4 days ago a sprinkled a bit of DE in their run due to it being so...
  20. card5640

    feeding schedule for babies

    I couldnt help myself and got 6 cornish rocks? for meat birds today .Do I leave feed in their brooder all the time, when do I start taking it out for 12 hours per day? They are only 2 days old, and Im trying not to say "ohhh look they are so cute."
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