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  1. plantcityhomestead

    Australorp Chicks - Plant City Florida

    My beautiful Australorps have been very fertile this year, and I have extra chicks available. The chicks were hatched 3-17. $5 each or 5 for $20.
  2. plantcityhomestead

    Goose Limping

    One of my 10 week old Pomeranians started limping this afternoon. He is a large male and has a foot injury on the opposite leg that he has had since I got him. The foot injury has not slowed him down. It looks like he got the foot caught in something. The web is torn and his nail is black...
  3. plantcityhomestead

    Drooping Wing

    My geese are just getting their blood feathers and I am getting the typical low wings, but one of the goslings has the lowest wing I have ever had on my geese. I am concerned. They get 16% feed with oats and niacin in the morning and are on grass the rest of the day. They free range 11-12...
  4. plantcityhomestead

    What is the best way to ID geese?

    I want to identify my geese so that I can make notes on their development and breeding, but geese mouth everything. What are the rest of you using to ID your geese? Where do you get whatever you are using? All I have been able to find locally are livestock ID tags. cindy
  5. plantcityhomestead

    2 Month Old Saddleback Pomeranians

    My Poms are 2 months old now, and it looks like I may not have any great breeders. What do you think? Here's the entire gaggle. They move too fast to get a good shot. This one looks like it is developing the best markings. The one looking at the camera has an incredibly pink bill...
  6. plantcityhomestead

    My Geese Can Really Surprise Me

    This morning I let the geese out to free range, but went back inside to finish up a project without feeding them. About 30 minutes later I heard someone banging on the metal trash cans where I store the feed by the back door. I didn't think anything about it because the chickens frequently...
  7. plantcityhomestead

    Lobes on Broody Goose

    My broody goose is finally off the nest and I noticed that her lobes have virtually disappeared. I was wondering if this is typical. She is eating like a little pig now, so I am sure her belly will soon be back to normal, but I did not push her to eat when she was on the nest. If the weight...
  8. plantcityhomestead

    Food and Water at Night for Goslings

    My goslings are nearly 2 months old now, and have reached that terribly messy stage. I have been leaving food and water in their pen at night, but by morning they are absolutely filthy. They are not quite old enough for the big pen, where the adults are locked away from food and water at...
  9. plantcityhomestead

    Goslings Fed Layer Feed for 2 Months

    I adopted 6 two month old Pomeranians yesterday. They appear healthy, but they were fed nothing but chicken layer crumble from birth. The guy who sold them to me said that is how he has raised all his geese, and his adults were healthy and beautiful. I am concerned that there may be medical...
  10. plantcityhomestead

    How to contain goslings with free ranging parents

    My older geese have always had free range of about an acre around the house. This has worked out well, but now we have goslings expected in a few days. The geese have never left the yard, but this morning we had a heavy rain, and I found the geese out playing in the puddles in the middle of...
  11. plantcityhomestead

    Exploding Eggs

    My Embden has been sitting on her eggs since May 5th. Today there was a loud sound like a gunshot and my goose came running out of her nest box screaming. One of her eggs had gone bad and exploded under her. Has anyone else had this happen?
  12. plantcityhomestead

    Feed for Dual Purpose Chicks

    I have been raising Delawares for a couple of years now. I have always followed the standard schedule for switching to grower feed without any problems, but I read recently that the LF heritage breeds should be raised on a higher protein feed. My Delawares have not filled out as well as I have...
  13. plantcityhomestead

    Preparing for Babies

    My geese have always had free range during the day, and sleep in a small pen at night. Now that they are going to be parents, my goose has been sitting on her eggs for less than a week, I need to prepare for the goslings. I want my goose to raise the goslings, but do I continue to let her free...
  14. plantcityhomestead

    Flock of 1 YR Old Ducks, 3 Layers and 1 Male - Plant City Florida

    I need to find a new home for my ducks as the geese are giving them a hard time. They have great personalities, are healthy and have been handled frequently. They are used to being confined to a pen and swim in a toddler pool. I am getting eggs from the girls daily, and since they are just a...
  15. plantcityhomestead

    Raw Skin On Chest

    My very large Australorp rooster has what looks like an abrasive injury on his chest. He has not been fighting, so the only cause I can think of is his roosting 2x2. This morning it looked very raw and was larger than it was yesterday. He has an area about 3" square without feathers, and a...
  16. plantcityhomestead

    Gander Sitting on Eggs

    Do I have an odd gander? This evening my gander went to the nest, sat on the eggs, and spent an hour cleaning up and rearranging the nest. He got out, but the goose did not go in. There was a garter snake under the dog house nesting box today when I went in to clean out the pen this morning...
  17. plantcityhomestead

    My Chicken is Nesting on the Roof!

    One of my game hens has been missing for a couple of days, and I thought something had gotten her since she will not go in the coop at night. I was out doing the evening chores today, and it started raining eggs. That silly girl had built her nest on the roof using the Spanish moss that had...
  18. plantcityhomestead

    My Goose Started Sitting On Her Eggs Today!

    My Embden goose finally started sitting on her eggs today. She has been laying for nearly 2 months, and I threw out 25 eggs that went bad a couple of weeks ago. She has 7 eggs now. This is my first year with a potential mom and I have a few questions. Will she continue to lay eggs now that...
  19. plantcityhomestead

    How long to keep chicks separated

    One of my Delaware chicks died 3 weeks ago. Healthy one day, dead the next morning with a bloody vent. I have kept the others isolated from the rest of the flock. They all appear healthy and active. When can I safely move them in with the rest of the flock?
  20. plantcityhomestead

    What treats do your geese like best?

    I need to do some training with my geese. What treats will catch their attention?
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