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  1. kitchwitch

    too many males?

    it's official...I have all males (5 total). :-( With nary a female in sight, will these guys continue to get along over winter until I can provide them with female companionship? They're 7 months old and they love sleeping in a big pile NEXT to their duck house, they enjoy swimming in their...
  2. kitchwitch

    Buckeyes for meat

    Question for those that have raised buckeyes, when do you typically harvest them for meat? I am thinking of getting into Buckeyes next year, so I was wondering what the typical grow-out is on these dual-purpose birds.
  3. kitchwitch

    Possible drake?

    I just moved this from the duck forum. I wasn't sure if gender questions regarding ALL fowl should be posted here or not. I've had the worst day ever (my rooster, Hemingway, died this morning)and 5 minutes ago I looked in on my ducks and I had to do a double-take because I saw a curly...
  4. kitchwitch

    Please delete

    I'm going to repost this in the "what gender" thread.
  5. kitchwitch

    WTB Ancona Drake(s)

    I'm looking to purchase an adult Ancona drake (or 2) for my flock. I am currently the worst duck breeder in the world; I managed to sell all of my males I'm preferably looking for a chocolate male, but a black drake will also be welcome. I can pick up in the SW PA area, or, if you are willing...
  6. kitchwitch

    Should I cull her? Hen pecked BADLY **graphic images**

    Went to check on the chickens today and I found a pullet I had added to the flock 3 days ago very badly injured. She's rather quiet, holding her eyes shut for a couple seconds here and there and probably in unspeakable pain. It looks like they've torn her skin right off. Is it going to...
  7. kitchwitch

    Runty Duck Behavior

    I have 11 ducks, one of which is smaller than the rest. At 7 weeks of age she's about 1/2-3/4 the size of her hatchmates and is very quiet. All the other ducks run around in a big group and she's always last in line. While the others eat and drink, she stands back quietly and watches until...
  8. kitchwitch

    My Ancona Ducks @ 3 weeks

    Just because I like to share: Darkwing -- my favorite. She arrived with a huge black "smudge" on her bill. and this is what it looks like when ALL 15 ducks decide to congregate in one corner of their "compound". Darkwing is the only duck with a name as I'm hoping to sell about half...
  9. kitchwitch

    duckling with a cyst?

    I was watering my ducks this afternoon when I noticed one of them had a tiny wound, so I picked it up but once out from under the red light I noticed what appeared to be a swelling around the lower neck and it drools whenever I hold it. I separated it immediately. I have a few photos to show...
  10. kitchwitch

    Landscaping your coop and run

    I was wondering if any fellow BYC-ers with landscaped coops and runs could post photos of them. I've just re-built my run and I am looking for ideas for landscaping around it. Thanks!
  11. kitchwitch

    silly question: do ducks "absorb" water?

    My ducklings are only 6 days and since I received them I watered them from a small, black plastic tray (think chinese food container) that they can, and do, jump into and play in. I fill it, let them play and drink until the water is gone and I remove it until they've dried up so they're not...
  12. kitchwitch

    New duck momma *Pics added

    Tomorrow is the day I should be getting my first ducks from cackle! They shipped out this morning according to the invoice from the hatchery. I am absolutely THRILLED and just wanted to share.
  13. kitchwitch

    Chicken Breeding

    I know next to nothing about chicken breeding. I used to only have hens but now I have a full grown rooster that I can confirm is now doing his rooster "thang" with at least one of my hens. Unfortunately, she's one of the younger hens (they just started laying this week) and the older hens are...
  14. kitchwitch

    ordering from Cackle, how long for a shipping date?

    Dismayed at the lack of ducks in the western PA area I just placed an order with Cackle for 15 Ancona ducks. Can anyone else who has ordered from Cackle tell me approximately how long it takes for them to give you a ship date? I know their order form says I'll have to wait at LEAST 10 days to...
  15. kitchwitch

    Tractor Supply Ducklings

    I am getting a few ducks tomorrow at TSC but I wanted to ask, out of curiosity, if anyone here had gotten TSC ducks and if so, what breed were they?
  16. kitchwitch

    5 more days until I get my chicks and ducks!

    Reading everyone's posts about going to the feed store and picking up chicks made me decide to run out to TSC yesterday and see if they had any chicks in yet and they didn't. However, they did have their 'brooders' set up and I was informed that the babies would be arriving on Monday the 28th...
  17. kitchwitch

    MPC Shipping

    I just need to vent about MPC shipping for a second. I understand that shipping is expensive and I understand that they send their chicks out in special little boxes but are these special little boxes lined with gold? Are they going to cook me dinner and make love to me afterward? I went to...
  18. kitchwitch

    Let's play hen or roo! **pics inside**

    Alright I have 3 EEs as seen below I'd like for you to let me know if the yellow one is in fact a roo! Say hello to Hemingway (that's what I've been calling "him") He and his sisters are 14 weeks old. He's the only light colored one and also the only one with a comb as you can see...
  19. kitchwitch

    4 sq. ft. of floor space?! Seriously?!

    Hello! I was debating on getting a few Bourbon Reds this spring and in preparation for the happy event I did what every expectant poultry-mother does: I bought Storey's Guide to Raising Turkeys. They don't really go into great detail about how much room the birds should be given, just a small...
  20. kitchwitch

    Protein and Egg Laying

    My hens are kept in a coop with no supplemental heat or light in the winter and I was wondering if upping their protein intake might spur some more egg laying? Right now I have four 3 year old hens giving me (if I'm lucky) about 2 eggs a week. They have plenty of food and water and while I...
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