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    Is there such a thing as a naturally caponized rooster?

    I have a hatchery breed golden lace Cochin I call Lola. "She" was very weak as a chick, and required a lot of butt cleaning and extra care. She feathered out very slowly from the begining, and took maybe two months longer than her brothers and sisters to feather out. She is about 10 months old...
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    Need started meat chickens in Louisiana. Any ideas?

    Well, we are new to 4h, and my son's 4h teacher is more into the other aspects of it. I guess they aren't really into the livestock portion. I have been asking about when he is supposed to order the meat chickens to bring to which show. Anyways, the teacher told me on Friday the show is the...
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    Advice on how to try and have a broody adopt day olds

    I have a broody showgirl who finally learned how to actually sit on the eggs. In the meantime I put the eggs she was not keeping warm in the incubator. Well, they hatched. I tried to go out there during the day and give them to her in a new inclosure, but she was more interested in the new digs...
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    I feel like kicking and screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, it all started out with either the Fair or some shipped birds. Bubbly eyes, sneezing, fluffing up... I know, I know cull cull cull. Unfortunatly by the time I figured this all out everyone in my flock had been exposed. I spoke with many vets (the state poultry vet included), and did...
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    10 month old not sleeping or eating solid foods anymore????

    I will start off by saying that this is my third child, so I am not a newbie at this. I am also experienced enough to know whne to get some outside advice My son is breastfed, and up until last week ate baby food 3-4 times per day. He wasn't a picky eater, and loved all different flavors. He...
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    Broody Dillema????? To giver her eggs back or not

    I have a broody showgirl who has been unreliable. This is her first go round, and hasn't been covering the eggs all the time. I took them away from her, and tried to break her. Well, she is still broody. One thing has changed though. She seems to be covering the one fake egg in the nest for the...
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    Broody showgirl not actually keeping eggs under her

    Well, the topic says it all. I have a broody showgirl, and when I found her in the nest box she wasn't sitting on any eggs. I picked the eggs up from the nest box over, and stuck them under her. I guess when she gets out to eat and poo she doesn't get the eggs back under her. If I stick them...
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    Will a showgirl brood nothing when their are eggs in the next nest?

    I went into the coop today, and my showgirl was hanging out in the nest box. I felt under her, and there were no eggs. So I picked her up and put her on top of the three eggs in the next nest box. She is normally very skittish around me, and wouldn't want me to grab her a lot. Her wings are also...
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    Previously sick rooster now fluffed up (PIC)

    Hello, and thanks for looking. Some of my flock had sneezing, frothy eyes, and weezing. The state vet said it was CRD. I gave them Tylan 50 inject .25 cc for three doeses, every other day. This rooster seemed to get better. No more sneezing, or any other symptoms. He is eating, but feels light...
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    Anyone heard of a Poultry Pod before? If so could you please review it? Thanks
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    What amount of light, and what temp to get eggs?

    I read a lot on here that egg laying slows down in the winter because of the light, and the cold. So, what is the optimal temp, and the optimal light to get eggs. We live in Louisiana, and it is still in the 90-80 degree range, but the sun is going down much earlier. Most of my chickens are...
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    Anyone seen this bird breaster? Youtube video Very interesting
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    Swollen eyes, sneezing, shaking heads, why me??????????????????????

    So, I have them on Sulmet for two days. Some have actually gotten worse. I just want to cry. I have one that is very bad off with both eyes swollen shut. I have three isolated, but when I went into the coop today to change out sulmet water all chickens were shaking their heads. I called the...
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    Sulmet as a drench?

    Has anyone used sulmet as a drench? Everyone here is out of the water mixture Sulmet. I guess there must be something going around. They do have the big calf pills. One calf pill is for 50 lbs, and I plan on putting the pill in water to make a water based mixture. This will make it easier to...
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    Here they are B/B/S Ameruacanas that were left in the turner

    Here are 6 of my fluffy butts. There are two more in the hatcher drying out. I still have 5 that haven't hatched yet, so maybe even more tonight. I still feel really bad about not moving them sooner. But it seems like they have forgiven me
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    One week off on hatch, hatching on turners HELP!!!!! Stuck and some bl

    Okay, so I put the wrong week on my hatch on the calendar. When I was looking in there tonight 3 are pipped and one hatching. I had to move them to my hatcher because I have other eggs in there that are only a week along. I got them moved over and I could see blood on the one that had zipped...
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    Baby turkeys picking and not eating well lost one

    I have started to get a syringe and getting water and mashed up food in their mouths. One died in my hands this morning. They are also picking at eachother very bad. One has a bloody wing already. Why is this? Is it because they aren't eating well?
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    Shipped birds not laying

    Okay I got 6 female birds shipped last Monday. 3 showgirls and 3 blue cochins. I know for a fact that the cochins were laying before they were shipped, and I am not so sure about the showgirls I will have to ask. Of course not one egg yet. I haven't seen the roo mate the ochins yet either. Do...
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    turkey won't open eye *UPDATED*Eye deformed???

    The poult is opening the other eye just fine, and there is no discharge. I tried to kinda open the eye a little and the eye looks fine underneth. Is this just a newborn thing or something else? Its brothers and sisters are all opening their eyes just fine. Okay, I cleaned his eye and that...
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