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  1. sheepgal

    Barnevelder Hatching Eggs For Sale 6+ extras day of shipping eggs- IN.

    I will collect and ship the same day. Barnevelders are laying like crazy 6+ eggs shipped $34.00 I get several each day. Pay pal View our flock and breeding program at We have chicks too! And Silkies ( Show Quality Only) Lots of them!!!
  2. sheepgal

    Wanted ~ Show Quality Bantam Buff Cochin Roo - Indiana

    I am going crazy trying to find a nice show quality buff bantam cochin roo. If you have one please e mail me. Thank you!
  3. sheepgal

    Everyone, Please Read This Very Important.

    Thank you for clicking and reading this! I have to ask as many people as I can this question and I need as many people as possible to reply to this post. Do you think it is fair if a person writes a post online that is completely untrue in an attempt to gather the sympathy of others to get...
  4. sheepgal

    I just won a bid on egg bid for hens, then the seller refused to sell

    Tonight I won a bid on Egg and I went with the reserve $ amount to be sure my bid was in. The reserve $ amount was listed by the seller. AFTER I won the seller refused to sell them to me, even though I won the auction fair and square. He said he wanted more money! Bad seller....Bad...
  5. sheepgal

    My chick just hatched strong and on schedule but there is a bloody yol

    This is a first for me. This chick is one of many to hatch today...strong, loud and on time. However when I looked in the window I can see a bloody yolk sak hanging behind him. Why ???? If he was loud ,s trong, on he messed up. Should I go ahead and remove him? He is still...
  6. sheepgal

    SILKIE Hatching Eggs Whitw Show Quality - INDIANA

    I have Beautiful White Show Quality Silkie hens giving me fertile eggs. So I am listing them for sale. I am asking $24.00( includes shipping) for 6 + Silkie Show Quality hatching eggs. Or you can pick up in Southern Indiana for only 12.00 /6 For more pics see our site...
  7. sheepgal

    For Sale 1 Month old Started Pullet Golden Comets INDIANA

    I have several 1 month old started pullet Golden Comets for sale. They grow quick , and are great layers of dark brown eggs...ALL WINTER. $4.00 each. I also have a few...maybe 5 1 month old started pullet Silver Laced Wyndottes. $5.00 PM me if interested.
  8. sheepgal

    Looking for a peafowl couple in Indiana

    I am looking everywhere and posting everywhere. I would like a peafowl couple for our farm in Southern Indiana. I do not want to buy 8 peafowl , that is what the hatcheries require. Does anyone have just a couple???? As far as type, not picky!
  9. sheepgal

    Mille Fleur Hens and Rooster for Sale - INDIANA SOLD OUT!

    We have several Mille Fleur Hens and Roosters for sale In Southern Indiana. $12.00 each. Can deliver if not too far away. D'Uccle ofcourse! SOLD OUT!
  10. sheepgal

    Mille Fleur Hens And roosters For Sale Indiana

    I have several Mille's for sale Very Nice ranging from 8 mo. - 1 year. $12.00 each, would bewilling to deliver if not too far. call me for additional info.
  11. sheepgal

    Please help me! My new baby chicks beak is not lined up, Not off alot

    My new silkie chick hatched out today. Her (or his) beak is off slightly. Not a lot just a tad. I heard that this my get worse as time goes by. Can anyone give me info on this. Other than this she is a firecracker!!
  12. sheepgal

    E bay eggs aren't hatching anyone used Ideal Poultry

    My E bay eggs have not hatched. I really want chicks and found them online at Ideal Poultry. Anyone used this hatchery? Are they dependable. Can't take anymore disappointments.
  13. sheepgal

    How do you ship a chick?

    Has anyone shipped chicks? I have gotten them from large hatcheries, but never shipped out any. I have had so many people ask me to ship, but I wouldn't have a clue how to do it. Anyone know???
  14. sheepgal

    forgot to add water the first three days to my incubator Hovabator

    I did not remember to add ANY water the first three days to my incubator. Then on day three remembered. I ran in and filled all compartments with water. The Hovabator fails to instruct owners on how much water to use. Is it too late? I am not sure if I need to throw out all of these eggs...
  15. sheepgal

    20+ Black Austrolorp Hens For Sale Southern Indiana

    I have 20 plus pure bred Black Austrolorp Hens for sale. All Laying nicely, I just need the space. $10.00 each or less if you take 5 or more. Located in Southern Indiana. Might be willing to meet half way.
  16. sheepgal

    Looking for Mille Fleur Eggs

    I have been looking for these eggs for sooo long. I have a REALLY good swap for them too. I need to get 24 either white silkie eggs or mille fleur or a mix of the two. In return I have a LARGE Antique Barn Star 46" with original green paint. It was on my greenhouse and I have taken it...
  17. sheepgal

    wanted mille fleur chicks, or hens, or even eggs

    Does anyone have Mille Fleur chicks, or hens or even eggs I can buy? Or Trade?
  18. sheepgal

    Looking to purchase frizzles and silkies in Indiana or KY

    I am looking to purchase Silkies and Frizzles in Indiana or Kentucky near Lousiville KY.
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