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  1. slurrywidow

    ANOTHER worming question...valbazen

    I've done research on worming my chickens and am going to use valbazen. It's the first time I've ever wormed my flock. I've not seen any "actual" evidence they need worming but a lot of them are thin, healthy acting and eating well, just much thinner than I think they should be. I know the...
  2. slurrywidow

    Advice for chip out of beak

    My EE somehow chipped the front of her top beak and I'm not sure what, if anything, I should do about it. My worry is that if I just leave it, she will continue to crack it further up. Should I trim it somehow? File it? Any advice with instructions (never dealt with this before) would be...
  3. slurrywidow

    Help with Paypal please

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section or not even allowed. I want to buy something from one of the auctions but I don't know how to use paypal. I've used it on other sites but don't know how to get to it from here. There is no magic paypal button. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. slurrywidow

    1 regular and 2 shell-less eggs in one day...Why?

    I have a 24 week old cuckoo marans hen that started laying about 2 weeks ago. She's been laying about 3 - 4 eggs a week, all looking like very normal pullet sized eggs. Today she laid one early in the morning, no problem. BUT, late this afternoon while I was out giving treats as they were...
  5. slurrywidow

    Is the behavior in my coop "normal"?

    I am a fairly new chicken owner and I'm not sure if what is going on in my coop is "normal" or if I need to do something. Quick info: I have a 8x10 coop with an attached run that's more than twice that in size. I have 12 chickens in there all between the ages of 15-19 weeks old. 4 of them are...
  6. slurrywidow

    New chicks and question about watery poop

    I got 3 new chicks on Wednesday and have them in a brooder in my bathroom. Brooder is set up in a sunk-in bathtub. Rubbermaid-type box (33 " x 15"), wire over the top with red bulb lamp. Temp in box, under light, is about 93. They seem to be doing ok with the temp as they lay not directly...
  7. slurrywidow

    Peahen shaking her rear at my chickens. Why?

    Hi, I have a issue with a peahen that won't leave my chickens alone! About a month ago I adopted some young hens and have them set up in an enclosed coop/run. For years there has been a peahen that just wanders around the surrounding properties between myself and all the neighbors (30+...
  8. slurrywidow

    Milk truck into coop?

    I have an old Carnation milk truck (I think a 1965) that I've been eyeballing, thinking of turning it into a fun coop. I know people have used old buses, trucks, u-haul trailers, etc and I love them! I wonder about this milk truck though, being insulated enough to carry milk and ice-cream...
  9. slurrywidow

    Whose egg is it?

    Hi, I adopted a flock of 5 hens a few weeks ago. I'm pretty sure 4 of them are laying, and one is just finishing her molt. Last week I started getting a small egg, very light brown and much more pointedly "egg-shaped" than the other medium brown eggs I'm used to seeing. My layers are a...
  10. slurrywidow

    ? about using linoleum in coop

    Hi all. I am just starting out on this venture into the world of chickens. I've been reading and reading posts and MANY of my questions have already been answered by looking over old posts. So thank you all for all of the information here on BYC. I drew up plans and am starting to build my...
  11. slurrywidow

    Hello -- from Oregon

    Hello everyone. I'm new to BYC and new to chicken ownership. My 8 yr old daughter and I are very excitedly waiting for spring to arrive so that we can get our first chicky babies! I've been spending the last month lurking around BYC reading and reading, drooling over coops and chicken pics...
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