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  1. Jhawker

    Breeding pairs.

    We have a mature peacock and hen we purchased as a pair and a young peacock that is getting some train feathers now. All three free range (until I get a pen built, tired of poop on all my patio furniture). The hen obviously prefers the youngster and spends most of her time with him. I am...
  2. Jhawker

    I wondered when this would happen

    I bought some "fake eggs" to encourage the girls to lay in a new nest box. I bought a dozen pastel colored and a dozen white. I use the white eggs for an antique egg basket for decor in my kitchen. I thought the pastel fake eggs would be easier for me to tell they are fake.I . Well that didn't...
  3. Jhawker

    Looking for suggestions for Coop design.

    My husband owns a fiberglass company. He made a mold for a portable small livestock shelter for my goats. We had a door made for them so they could be used for transporting in a pick up bed. I have several around the farm and envision them as small portable chicken coops. I would like to breed...
  4. Jhawker

    Jhawker and poultry

    I've been a lurker for a bit. We have had chickens most of our married life of over 30 years. Mostly it's been my husbands hobby. I went to a poultry auction with friends to purchase a pair of Peafowl. I saw some BEAUTIFUL chickens that I fell in love with. They sold for more than I was...
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