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  1. LikeTurkeys

    How do you properly necropsy a dead chicken?

    Okay, I'm not sure this is the right section for this and I know this is kind of an awkward question. When a chicken dies and you want to do a necropsy to determine the cause of death, how would you proceed? As in, do you gut it like you would when preparing a bird for the table? Do you drain...
  2. LikeTurkeys

    Stepped on and killed baby chick - Feel horrible.

    Today I stepped on one of my week old chicks and killed it. :hit :hit :hit I had taken them out of the brooder and put them outside in the sun so that they could graze on the grass and see the other chicks. Well, I thought they were all in front of me but apparently one was behind, and I took a...
  3. LikeTurkeys

    The Largest Egg - Contest!

    Hi everyone! Get your eggs on the scale and post their weight and a picture to this thread. There will be 3 winners, and they will receive... will receive... okay, nothing physical, but certainly a congratulations from me! Eggs don't have to be recent, as long as there's a picture. If there's no...
  4. LikeTurkeys

    Production Blues and BLRW sex

    Hi all! These chicks are 5 weeks old now and some are developing large comb and wattles, with a lot of red in them for their age too. I'm worried I have three cockerels, which if so would make a 30% male ratio out of a sexed chick bin! The first two are Production Blues, the last is a Blue Laced...
  5. LikeTurkeys

    Thinking about getting some geese... advice?

    Hi there, We're thinking about getting a few geese this year. They seem to have some cool 'features' about them, like guarding our flock of chickens, and mainly, keeping the weeds down. I've got a couple questions though. First off, how many geese would be good for us? We have a 2 acre property...
  6. LikeTurkeys

    Manna Pro water protector ingredients?

    Hi y'all! I was looking for a water treatment so that Mycoplasma Synoviae wouldn't spread so quickly throughout my flock... Not sure it would do much good anyway but worth a try. ( was the link that said it may help). Anyway, I...
  7. LikeTurkeys

    Hen lethargic, standing still.

    Hello everyone! The thread title doesn't do justice to the symptoms, she has other problems as well. My Rhode Island Red hen, about 2 years old started standing around yesterday, not eating or making any noises. I live in Southern California, in a relatively warm area, but two days ago it got...
  8. LikeTurkeys

    Crazy hatching attempt

    One of my friends gave me a dozen BCM eggs last Thursday, and since she has a rooster and I've wanted BCM's for a while, I decided to hatch them! But there are some problems with that: 1. She said that they're around a week old 2. They've been referigerated And, perhaps the most important, 3. I...
  9. LikeTurkeys

    Swollen feet.

    Hello! My Buff Orpington hen who is about 1 1/2 years old has swollen feet. It's obvious now, esp. compared to the other BO. What is it? I'm thinking maybe Mycoplasma Synoviae or gout? She's not limping, though she usually comes last when I call them. Seems to be walking, eating and drinking...
  10. LikeTurkeys

    What are Production blues... and what lead to this question.

    Hello everyone! My local feed store (kahoots) is going to be selling chicks this coming Friday!!! Among the breeds listed were Production Blues, and I'm not entirely sure what they are. Are they good producers of blue eggs or something else? While I've heard of production reds, these are...
  11. LikeTurkeys

    Who's got December molters?

    Hey everybody! Who's got hens that chose the middle of winter to start molting? I have two, this is a photo of my Buff Orpington "Cement" (how she got that name, I don't know). Some of her feathers are missing because a coyote pulled them out though. Share yours, and don't forget to post a...
  12. LikeTurkeys

    What is this on my hens foot?

    One of my hens, Ginger, a almost 2 year old RIR has a small lump on the top of her foot. She is in the middle of a molt right now. She is not limping and the lump is not that large, just curious as to what it is. Could it be bumble foot? There's no scab, so kind of unsure right now. Would...
  13. LikeTurkeys

    When to slaughter and how to cook non-meat cockerel

    Long title. :) I have a Dominique x Easter Egger cockerel, he's coming up on 9 weeks. What's the best age to slaughter and how should I cook him afterwards for best results? Thanks.
  14. LikeTurkeys

    Who's had hatches with all or mostly pullets?

    It seems like most people who've hatched their own eggs have had either 50/50 or mostly roosters (or all roosters in some cases!) Where is everybody who got all pullets? There's got to be some out there... Please share!
  15. LikeTurkeys

    Dominque crosses gender

    Hi! I know it's a bit early, but can anyone give a guess at what gender these three chicks are? They are coming up on 3 1/2 weeks old. The first two are Domnique X Buff Orpington and the last is Dominique X EE. One other question: what's the comb of the last chick? walnut? Pretty sure this one...
  16. LikeTurkeys

    Dominque crosses

    I just had 3 chicks hatch out, 2 Dominique x Buff Orpington and 1 Dominque x Easter Egger. The Dominique is the father. One of the Buff Orpington cross chicks is more yellow in the face and has a rose comb, the other is less so, smaller and has a single comb. I can't tell what kind of comb the...
  17. LikeTurkeys

    Should I have helped the egg sooner?

    Today is day 20 since my broody started sitting on eggs. Three hatched last night on day 19, the third internally pipped but stopped moving and wasn't chirping. I opened it up today (should I have waited more?) and it was clearly dead. :( Seemed like it pipped internally but the beak was down...
  18. LikeTurkeys

    Fowl pox and chicks soon?

    Hi everyone, My chickens were recently diagnosed with fowl pox ( and it's spread to pretty much my whole flock. (There is also some strange swelling around their eyes, but I think it may be unrelated). I have a broody and...
  19. LikeTurkeys

    The Mystery of the Missing Egg

    Hello everyone! Four days ago I gave my broody 6 eggs to sit on. Yesterday I candled them and they were all developing great. Each egg is marked with a number 1 through 6. Today, after removing all the unmarked eggs, I find that number 2 is missing! I candle the unmarked eggs just to make sure...
  20. LikeTurkeys

    Broodiness in fall?

    Hello everybody! I have a Buff Orpington pullet who's acting like a walking broody (fluffed up, clucking all the time but not sitting). Any chance she'll start sitting on eggs? I had another Buff Orpington (older hen) sit this spring, but then, that was spring. Wondering if they would go broody...
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