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  1. Orloffs


    ^ An Orloff Cockeral Orloff Chickens Orloffs were developed in the Persian Gulf. They are named for Count Orloff- Techesmensky. They are fairly tall birds. The have a game-bird appearance. They have a brow, beard, & also muffs. Their temperment is usually calm. They are slow to mature. Very...
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    Currently Available is: 2 Rhode Island Red Roosters 2 BR Rooster Mixes RIR's, Gray Japanese Bantams, Mandarin Ducks, Sebastopol Geese, Muscovy Ducks, Crested Duck Mixes, other Duck Mixes, Chicken Mixes, Royal Palm Turkeys, & Turkey mixes will ALL be available in the Spring. Adding Russian...
  3. Rir Chickens

    Rir Chickens

    Breed Information: Rhode Island Reds were named for the state in which they were developed. They are a great utility bird, used for either eggs or meat. Rhode Island Reds were made by crossing native birds with Cochins, Brown Leghorns, Brahmas, & Red Malays. Rhode Island Reds are a great layer...
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