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  1. DianaMallory

    Pecking order or flat out bullying? Help?

    Okay 2 different coops 2 different Chickens. One coop I have a hen that doesn't seem to want to mate, but the other hens are picking on her too, she stays in the nesting boxes hidden away. They won't let her eat or anything. Now in my other coop this just started, mostly the rooster picking on...
  2. DianaMallory

    Does a Broody know when to stop sitting on eggs that don't hatch?

    First time with a broody hen sitting on eggs. One chick hatched this morning and nothing else yet. Will she know when the hatch is over or will I have to pull her eggs if they don't hatch?
  3. DianaMallory

    Just a cute story about moving a broody hen.

    My BA went broody on me so I decided to let her sit on eggs for the first time. She is 4 years old and never hatched out eggs, but she goes broody every summer. I waited until it got dark to move her away from the other hens. I picked her up and my husband gathered her eggs, there should have...
  4. DianaMallory

    Hen beating the crap out of my Rooster what should I do?

    I integrated my teenage flock with my older hens that have not had a Rooster. I did it slow and left them in the coop fenced off from each other for a couple days. They have free ranged together but were in different coops. Now one of the hens that was on the top of the pecking order is picking...
  5. DianaMallory

    yellow runny poo, laying hen died

    Thick runny yellow poo on her back side, yellow liquid dripping from her beak, Anyone have any ideas, I really don't want to cut her open to see what it is. She was fine yesterday, today she was laying in the coop. I put her in a create gave her food and water. and she just past.
  6. DianaMallory

    Should I worry about grey squirrels hanging around my chickens?

    I have had them for awhile now, but they never bothered the chickens until recently., I noticed they are getting closer and closer to trying to get into the coop. Are they a predator that I need to worry about? I know they would probably steal eggs if possible but I am more worried about the...
  7. DianaMallory

    Help Sick EE.

    She is eating and drinking, poo looks okay but she is moving very slowly and is closing her eyes a lot? anyone have a clue?
  8. DianaMallory

    Help! Need advise on molting hen.

    I am in Ohio, we have had one of the warmest Decembers in history and one of my Barred Rock hens is in a full molt. The last 2 days I have found tons of feathers in the poo board. I pulled on her breast feathers ( not a hard pull) they came out real easy. Now our temperatures are starting to...
  9. DianaMallory

    I have a lesbian Hen.

    My flock will soon turn a year old. We ended up with one Rooster who turned mean and was put down. I didn't want any roosters anyway. But since the rooster has been gone I noticed a big change in the flock. My girls are nicer than they use to be. They don't peck at the Dogs anymore. A couple...
  10. DianaMallory

    Help mom injured baby after rejecting them.

    I tried to add babies to my broody hen and it didn't work out so good. She was fine with them when we put them in there. This morning they were all out of nesting box and would not go back in the box I tried to put one in with her and she pecked it she drew blood before I could get it out of...
  11. DianaMallory

    Help has anyone ever put chicks under a Broody hen?

    My BA is broody. So I decided this is the perfect time to add to my flock. I have watched videos on this but none of them covered weather you should isolate the hen from the rest of the flock. I am going to move her closer to the ground and away from the other nesting boxes. I was going to leave...
  12. DianaMallory

    Help! I need some suggestions on how to stop my hens from spilling so much feed.

    I filled the 12 pound feeder up yesterday and walked in to this today. You can see the shavings pushed up to the back wall and that is feed all over the floor. I have tried to hang it higher and that didn't work. This is what is left in the feeder after being full yesterday. So...
  13. DianaMallory

    need help putting together a guide for preparing for new flock.

    I have had so many ask me about raising chickens and the last time I got ask I decide to come up with a few chick points on getting started. Points on things before like needs and convenience needs. 101 things you need to know before you get chicks. Like making or having a large enough brooder...
  14. DianaMallory

    Mini spring clean. with pics.

    This is my coop 6 days ago. this was my coop today............. Time for a spring clean. I decided that since there was so much muck in the run and I really couldn't rake up any pine needles. I decided to use the dirty pine shaving out of the coop in the run, since I was...
  15. DianaMallory

    No eggs, then one egg a day, then 2, and now eggs everywhere!

    Ugg! Eggs in the poop board, eggs in the run, eggs on the floor and a few in the nest. I thought they would never start laying. Then I started getting one egg a day for about a month, then 2 for about 3 weeks. This past week I started getting 3. Yesterday and the day before eggs everywhere. In...
  16. DianaMallory

    On egg watch here.

    I have been getting little eggs almost everyday for about 10 days. Yesterday I got a large egg. Oh one egg a day out of 11 hens not all the same breed but all large brown egg layers. I think my large egg might of came from one of my other hens and not the one laying the small eggs. I am hoping...
  17. DianaMallory

    First time free range.

    About an hour before bed time I decided to let my chicks out for some free range time. I don't let them out unless I am sitting right there. They are 14 weeks old today and I finally got brave enough to let them run free. Everyone scratched and investigated and all but 2 of them went back into...
  18. DianaMallory

    Chicken with laryngitis or is there another health issue I need to attend to?

    One of my girls has what I call a bedtime song. She goes in the coop at bedtime and calls the other girls in. Well last night I noticed her song is not the same. She sounds like a goose honking or like a chicken trying to bark like a dog. Should I be concerned or are they just going through...
  19. DianaMallory


    Who came up with the idea of the poo board with sweat PDZ? I just completed mine here is a pic. Before I used sand in my coop, It was okay but to back breaking! I love this! And my back is saved! I want to know who to thank! You should have put a patent on your design! But for now thank...
  20. DianaMallory

    What about CROWS?

    My girls are in a fully enclosed run, I don't free range. I have to many predators in the hood! Now that being said I was watching my girls like I do everyday, and everyday I have a group or flock of crows that pass by here they land in my side yard which is about 50 yards from my coop. I notice...
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