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  1. lannabun

    1 doz standard cochin eggs fs

    20.00 this includes shipping . 1 doz colors will be mixed as my pens are . i will only take a few orders at this price . these are pure breed standrad cochins .. can email me at [email protected]
  2. lannabun


    I have one order i can fill befor my next one is due to ship . so i will have 1 doz to offer this week . these are stander size . im hatching out some every nice chicks . you might even get some sliver laced ones as i have a pair in there . 16.00 for the doz...
  3. lannabun


    my pens color is still mixed these are pure standard cochins . 1 doz eggs to go out this week . 25 with shipping included in that .
  4. lannabun

    hatching eggs for sale

    i have a doz of my barred rock buff org eggs mixed with a aruncana ready to go .. will be 15.00 thats with shipping .. can take a few more orders on these i will take a pic to what im hatchin out and show as soon as i can thanks Lanna i do take...
  5. lannabun

    hatching eggs for sale

    these are my brown eggs barred rock mix and buff org mixed eggs you will get over a doz id gusse about 16 or so .could be more .. these are to go out monday price is 16.00 and thats with shipping ..
  6. lannabun

    silkie eggs for hatching

    6 eggs you could get buff or partridge . as my bators are all full i will be offering these for a short time till i have room . the cost is 15 and this does include shipping below is a pic of my silkies .
  7. lannabun

    standard cochin eggs for hatching

    6 eggs for 15 shipping is in this total . email [email protected] as my bators are full ill be offeren few more . till i have space .
  8. lannabun

    monday specail ready to go

    i have 4 orders that can go out this week .. these have to be mailed my bators are full .. the eggs are barred rock mixed and buff org this is for 12 .00 and shipping is in that price . this is for this week only when i get the 4 orders i will not take...
  9. lannabun

    $13.00 specail ..hatching eggs

    thats right 13.00 and shipping is in that .. these are barred rock eggs mixed with my aracuna roo .. they have been hatching out to look just like my barred rocks there might even be a few buff orv eggs in with these .. email me at [email protected] i could...
  10. lannabun

    hatching eggs for sale to go out today ...

    these are my brown eggs barred rock mix with my arcauna and they are hatching out to look just like my barred rocks .. had a lady tell me she wanted and hasnt paid these need to go out today 15.00 for 1 doz and that is with shipping .. email me at...
  11. lannabun

    hatching eggs for sale

    Araucanas eggs they are green a doz for 15 that includes shipping barred rock mixed with araucanas doz 15 and that includes shipping bantam frizzles doz are 15 with shipping included standard cochins mix colors 6 eggs for 20 with shipping included also taken orderds...
  12. lannabun

    Araucanas eggs for sale

    these are pure .GREEN EGGS is what they lay and this is for 1 doz 15.00 this does include shipping . these will mail out sat monring thanks
  13. lannabun

    barred rocks mix eggs for sale

    one doz ready to ship in monring they are mined with my arounca roo and so far all have hatched to look just like a barred rock . cost is 15.00 this includes shipping ..
  14. lannabun


    Ok some my ladies are in gear with the cold weather ... so heres the deal i have some pure EE i have barred rocks that will be crossed with my ee roo . (the babies have came out to look like my br) and there might be 2 frizzle eggs in there . this is 1 Doz for...
  15. lannabun

    polish eggs fs

    One doz for 14.95 and This includes shipping . these are standerds .. Please only order if you plan to get them . I do take paypal . The frist order i have to go out will be next monday . Sooner if i can .
  16. lannabun

    runner duck question

    ok i have these 4 runner ducks who are very flighty dont seem to be nothing like my reg ducks .. my thing is thier in my coop in a pen and i really want that pen for something else . but im scared to put them out in the big pen its wide open . if...
  17. lannabun

    have to ask why ????

    i gusse i might be worng for posting this .. but i cant help it any longer .. seems like i joined this group becuase to learn things get help when needed and to help out if i can . i admit i am still a newbie after a yr of haveing chickens .. and still...
  18. lannabun

    bantam hatching eggs fs

    one doz 20.00 THIS INCLUDES... YOUR SHIPPING . below is a pic of the roo .. who will be the daddy .. the frizzle eggs are not in this deal .. if you would like some though email me or pm and we can talk ..
  19. lannabun

    brown hatching eggs pics of the chicks

    these are going to be mutts but i have below pics of what the babies are looking like at 5 days old .. the eggs are 5.00 a doz and you pay shipping ..
  20. lannabun

    polish egg fs

    these are 6.00 a doz pluss shipping .. pic of my male below..
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