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  1. plm6846

    Poultry ticks

    God Bless the author that brought this problem to our knowledge! HerBYC site is well worth the read. Here is a couple of pics we discovered in our coop with ill chickens, we are burning our coop down tomorrow, relocated our chickens to our coop #2 that appears tick free..we will rebuild cannot...
  2. plm6846


    We have a 2 mo old Leghorn and she wobbles. She eats fine, isn't growing as fast as the others, interacts well with the flock but she is very wobbly. She keeps her balance but is shaken when keeping balance. She is a very sweet girl...what is wrong with her please??
  3. plm6846

    Omnivore chickens

    We had a hatching of quail somewhere on our adults so here those itty bitty running birds come..too close to chicken cage and whap...our wydonnett snagged it then dropped it and the sweet Easter Egger grabbed it and off she ran with her catch!!! More baby quail were running and we...
  4. plm6846

    chicken not laying

    We obtained a Wydonnette (sp?) chicken almost a year ago. All of her tail feathers had been plucked out by the overcrowding situation she was in, supposedly (we got 3 of these hens) all were laying. We gave two away due to agressive behavior and kept this more passive one. She has never laid...
  5. plm6846

    New from Arizona

    Hello, I am new to any form of chicken raising, and my daughter is the chickeneer! We are finishing building our coop (she could've picked something much simpler) and already have two Easter eggers, one was injured by an Owl her first night such a trauma for the children and adults. See my...
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