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  1. CSAchook

    Emergency! Hen badly wounded.

    A predator (likely skunk) got to my specked Sussex. She is alert but badly wounded. I need to know if she is saveable...or if it would be more humane to put her down. I brought her inside and I have trimmed around the wounds and irrigated with saline. I don’t know what else to do. DH is sitting...
  2. CSAchook

    Problem with ads?

    Is anyone else getting broken links in place of ads? I am on an iPhone 7 viewing BYC on my web browser (safari). Some ads are displaying fine but others are just boxes of gibberish.
  3. CSAchook

    When will I know if he is a good one?

    This is my first time raising a cockerel with the intention of keeping him. I have read and carefully followed the advice of Beekissed and @BantyChooks and so far so good. My cream legbar cockerel is 22 weeks old and properly respectful towards me. He is also good to his ladies. He tidbits them...
  4. CSAchook

    What type of worms are these?

    Just found these two large white worms in the poop of my 7.5 week old cockerel. The poop was fresh and one worm was actively moving when I noticed it. Are they round worms? Or tape segments? Is it safe to worm such a young chicken? Any advice much appreciated!
  5. CSAchook

    Integrating a shy nervous broody and her 3 chicks: advice wanted

    Most of the articles I have read about integrating a hen and her chicks emphasize the fierce and intimidating nature of a mother hen. But want do you do when your broody (while an excellent mother in every other way) runs in terror from other hens? Background: I currently have 4 one year old...
  6. CSAchook

    Emergency crushed egg

    just found 2 crushed eggs under my broody. They are on day 20. 1 is clearly already dead. One is alive and peeping. I cleared alway some of the crushed shell, oiled the membrane with coconut oil and made an impromptu heating pad. Now how do save it? @Pyxis @casportpony @WVduckchick @Ravynscroft...
  7. CSAchook

    Abnormal poop

    I have six chickens. Two 1 year old ISA browns and four 8 month old pullets (1 is a speckled Sussex and the other three are LF Cochins). About three days ago I noticed a few redddish poops when I cleaned my trays. I found more red poop more today. The red looks like little strand of tissue? I am...
  8. CSAchook

    Flock Integration: Thank you BYCers!!!!!!!

    I just wanted to post my heart-felt thanks to all the kind, helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable people on this forum. This morning I looked out my back door and saw all six of my chickens (two 11 month old ISA browns, one 6 month old speckled sussex, and three 6 month old LF cochins) all...
  9. CSAchook

    Victim of Chicken Math

    Last November, my husband found an abandoned, newly hatched chick in our backyard. We had had chickens before, but not for awhile. I was so excited about the new little one! BUT of course we didn't want the new chick to be lonely! We needed more chicks! In November :( Finally found a local boy...
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