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  1. liz9910

    3 Splash Marans cockerels and 3 bantam Cochin Mille Fleur cockerels FREE in Modesto, CA

    I have rehomed all of the cockerels, thank you. Elizabeth
  2. liz9910

    Serama chicks for sale

    I have some Serama chicks that just hatched on 5/4 and 5/5. I am in Modesto, CA. No shipping.
  3. liz9910

    2 Bresse cockerels and 2 Olive Egger cockerels for local pick up only Modesto, CA

    2 Bresse cockerels and 2 Olive Egger cockerels ready for new homes, the Olive Eggers are Ameraucana/Golden Cuckoo Marans crosses, very pretty. They are around 3 months old.
  4. liz9910

    Supposed to be a standard size Cochin pullet from My Pet Chicken

    Hi, yesterday he/she mounted my poor little Silkie hen! Hatch date was around the 2nd week of July this year. Anyone want to confirm my suspicion? Dang it.
  5. liz9910

    1 standard size Partridge Cochin rooster in Modesto, CA

    I have the worst luck with this breed! I really wanted some Cochins but 4 out of 4 including one I bought from MPC are all roos! PM me for more info, thank you.
  6. liz9910

    What happened to the chick?

    Hi I have a broody on 5 eggs, hatch date is today or tomorrow. When I got home from work I saw an eggshell next to the nest, I looked under her and there was a chick that had hatched but was dead. There seemed to be a lot of yolk under it. Did it hatch too soon and the yolk hadn't absorbed? I...
  7. liz9910

    Is this Avian Pox?

    Just went outside and my poor Welsummer's comb and wattles look terrible! My Marans has a black spot on her comb and I noticed some weird blister like bumps on my other chickens too! Horrible.
  8. liz9910

    Free brown layer from My Pet Chicken

    Any guesses? It is very skittish and very fast lol
  9. liz9910

    Cockerels need new homes

    Silver Laced Wyandotte cockerel, 4 months old. Silver Cuckoo Marans cockerel, 3 months old. $10 each or both for $15. To good homes only, the Marans is very tame. I cannot have roosters as I live in the city limits.
  10. liz9910

    Sick EE pullet

    Hi, last night I noticed my EE pullet was breathing from her mouth and sneezing. This morning her beak has some crusty stuff on it. Still eating and drinking fine, stool is normal. My question is, she's with 2 other girls that all came from the same hatchery. Should I treat all of them together...
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