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  1. hydroswiftrob

    The ugly chickenling packing peanut

    Our feed store got in a shipment of chicks this morning from Privett. Intermingled amongst the 100 black sex links were approximately ten of these. Anyone have any clue what they are?
  2. hydroswiftrob

    Meaties, The sequel

    I enjoyed raising our own meaties so much last year, I have decided it is time to do it again. Our freezer is empty, and we have been reduced to buy store bought chicken (which my kids call fake chicken). My skeptical wife at first last year has came around and was ready for this years batch...
  3. hydroswiftrob

    Need Help! Keeping chickens out of flower beds.

    I hope this is the correct place to post this, because I need to manage to keep the chickens out of a flower bed to keep them from becoming soup. Story: My wife and I bought a house last year, and there is much needed room for yard improvement. The problem is, I have free range...
  4. hydroswiftrob

    What does this + this =

    My son (the one in the picture) has wanted to incubate some eggs. We have this rooster (not sure what breed he is) that we got free in a trade, and production red hens. Does anyone know what type chicks we can expect? He keeps asking me and I can't give him any type of answer. + = ?
  5. hydroswiftrob

    Best chicken E-V-E-R!!!

    I was on another thread the other when someone posted somewhat of a recipe ( ). I decided to try it today for myself and all I have to say is YUMMY! In order to do this recipe, you have to first do this ( ). The rest is up to...
  6. hydroswiftrob

    Got my first meat birds!!! (PIC heavy!!!)

    Well this is my first chicken of any sort. I am so excited. They made it through the first night with no problem at all. I think they grew overnight though :/ . I just wanted to thank the people with experience who have posted here and educated me enough to make me feel comfortable doing this.
  7. hydroswiftrob

    Home Grown Thanksgiving bird

    Who is enjoying their very own bird today that was raised solely for the purpose of a Thanksgiving meal? What kind of bird, and how was it? Next year, I see a home grown BBB Turkey in our tables future. -Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Enjoy good eats and memorable family time.
  8. hydroswiftrob

    Hatching Video....
  9. hydroswiftrob

    Howdy from N. Texas

    I am new to farming, but not new to chickens. I have just recently bought a hobby farm and I am trying to convince the wife that chickens aren't the evil, stinky, creatures she has heard the rumors of. I have enjoyed reading the forum. Long time lurker on here, but a recent member. I cannot...
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