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  1. OrpieLover31

    ~Battle for Survival~ A African Wild dog Roleplay

    The sun seems to have pressed snooze, and you see nothing but teasing rays of it, glistening off sticky cobwebs and branches. The pack suddenly starts its squealing fit of a morning greeting. Everyone, adults and teenagers alike, bound around in an organized chaos; licking and sniffing, jumping...
  2. OrpieLover31

    ~A Danger Among Us~ Dhole RP

    Long, long ago in the tropical forests of India lived two ancient rival packs of Dholes, the Sky pack and the Fire pack. It was believed that the Sky pack was poisoned by farmers, but very recently they have been re-appearing. The Sky pack have historically kept the Fire pack at bay, but all of...
  3. OrpieLover31

    Battle for Survival - African Wild dog RP (Needs players!!) *Restarted*

    Battle for Survival Less than 5,000 African wild dogs still roam the open plains and savanna. Many of them are loners, or lost their entire family from poachers and farmers. Sometimes they are exposed to diseases, most fatal. Farmers kill many wild dogs fearing that they will slaughter their...
  4. OrpieLover31

    Battle for Survival - A African wild dog RP *Members Needed!*

    Your a African wild dog living in Botswana Africa. Its a very cruel and harsh place, one mistake can cost you your life. With such a fragile population as it already is, is it possible that your kind can make it out on top again? You have to worry about farmers, lions, hyenas and diseases. And...
  5. OrpieLover31

    ~Tiger Wars~RP *Accepting Players!*

    Your a Tiger, fighting to survive. Poachers come and go, killing your kind daily. There used to be plenty of Tigers, now there are only a handful. You all lived in peace until one treacherous day, your home changes dramatically. It used to be full of trees, water, shade, and animals, but now its...
  6. OrpieLover31

    Poultry Contest!

    Title says it all! This is a Poultry contest!! There is no prize except bragging rights! You can enter 3 posts per person. You can enter all kind of poultry it does not have to be only chickens! They also don't need to be pure either, mixes are allowed! Here are the rules!!! 1. No rude/mean...
  7. OrpieLover31

    Blue Orpington chick?

    I have a question, is this normal for a Blue Orpington chick to have? It appears that she has some brown dots on her feathers! She is supposed to be a Blue Orpington!
  8. OrpieLover31

    Black Orpington chicks?

    I recently purchased 2 Black Orpington chicks, they are starting to grow some feathers now... but I am not sure if they are really Black Orpingtons. They are both starting to get little white dots on their feathers! Here are some pictures. Is this normal? Are they...
  9. OrpieLover31

    Cackle Hatchery?

    I have recently heard about Cackle Hatchery, and I was wondering if they have any good chicks? I would really love to have some Cochins but Im not so sure about buying from a hatchery.... I have been looking on Craigslist forever, but have not had any luck.... Do you guys have any experience...
  10. OrpieLover31

    How do I stop my chickens from pecking each other? *GRAPHIC PICTURES*

    Yesterday I went outside to let the chickens out, and I noticed that one of the newer chickens that I recently bought had a entire chunk of skin pulled off!! I believe that one of my older Lavender Orpingtons did that to the younger chicken! I realized that one Lavender Orpington kept on picking...
  11. OrpieLover31

    How do I tame my chicks??!!

    I recently got 4 baby Orpingtons! 2 Splashes and 2 Blacks. I know for sure that I got 2 boys and 2 girls. When I got them the Splashes were a little younger then a week old and the Blacks were a little older then a week old. I have had them for a week now. I am doing my best to get them more...
  12. OrpieLover31

    My chickens appear to have swollen eyes! Please Help!!!

    A couple days ago I went to check up on my chickens and noticed that one of my chickens had a swollen eye! It looked really disturbing so I was not able to look at her for very long before I ran inside like a little baby! But I decided I was going to treat this so I got warm water and epsom salt...
  13. OrpieLover31

    My new Puppy!

    Today we got a new puppy named Bailey! This is what she looks like! Now your turn! Show me what your puppy or dog looks like!
  14. OrpieLover31


    I love Orpingtons! They are my favorite! So I want you to show me what your Orpingtons look like. Your birds can be either pure or mixed, it doesn't matter! Feel free to ask me any questions about Orpingtons! And dont forget to show me what your Orpingtons look like! Here are mine...
  15. OrpieLover31

    Chicken has a cut on her leg

    Today I saw that one of my chickens had a cut on her leg. She looks like she is limping... how do I treat it?
  16. OrpieLover31

    Show your chick pics here!

    I thought it would be cute if you showed some of your cute chick pictures here! Here are my chicks! They are 5 months old today! Sadly we did not take very many pictures of them when they were young because there mother kept pecking me when I came near! These are Lavender Orpingtons if you were...
  17. OrpieLover31

    Lavender Orpington Thread

    Just thought it would be interesting to start a thread about Lavender Orpingtons! So whoever has Lavender Orpingtons, and have some pictures of there very pretty birds... be my guest and post some stuff on here!!! Here are some pictures of my Lavender Orpington chicks!!!! And yes that is part...
  18. OrpieLover31

    Coyote trouble...

    Okay, so we have had this coyote visiting our property ever since we have moved here! And this coyote even pops out in daylight!! But he has not only been posing a threat to our family (This coyote is bigger then Natalie who is now 6 years old) but our chickens to! He has been coming and killing...
  19. OrpieLover31

    Why do my chickens keep pecking the other chickens????

    We have had these chickens for not even a year now and they are very aggressive towards new chickens. We started off with four of them but now we only have two. The ones we have now are Black Asterlorp (I dont think I spelled that right) and a black sex link. They are mean to all the other...
  20. OrpieLover31

    Should I separate the hen from her chicks???

    Sooo my hen went broody and we decided to get her little baby Lavender Orpington chicks. She has been a great mother to the chicks. But we just got 2 more little chicks about the same age as the others. We have tried to give her the new ones but she keeps on chasing them away and pecking them...
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