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  1. Jennyrose1127

    Long-term outlook for chick with RSS?

    Hello. I’m wondering how Baby Girl is doing a year later. I have a little gold laced Wyandotte that I believe has RSS. She is 16 weeks old now and finally fully feathered and looking like a chicken. She is still about half the size of her flock mates and peeps while the others are clucking. I’m...
  2. Jennyrose1127


    Thank you for the responses. We will definitely install electric fencing. I will check out the predator threads also. Maybe I can get a motion sensor that makes noise since my issue is raccoons out in broad daylight. Our Great Pyrenees is a great deterrent but, unfortunately, we were away and he...
  3. Jennyrose1127


    Hello there. I’ve come across Backyard Chickens many times over the last year but haven’t joined until today. I had a mixed flock of 10 sweet, beautiful chickens. They were just over a year old when I lost them all to a daytime raccoon attack on March 31. I’m devastated by the loss. Their run...
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