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  1. Nighthawk78

    Injured Duck Not Eating

    Hi everyone, Three nights ago (12th September), there was an attack on our ducks with one missing, one injured and the following night, a drake was killed. The injured duck we found lying under a bush, conscious but not moving. When we inspected her she just seemed to have some broken and/or...
  2. Nighthawk78

    Muscovy Duckling Gender

    Hi guys! It's that time of year again where we get inundated with ducklings. Unfortunately this year, we only have one (which has been delegated to me to me to raise, but that's not the purpose of this thread). Nugget is now just over four weeks old (30 days) and due to start growing feathers in...
  3. Nighthawk78

    New duckling acting strange?

    Hi all, So we had another Muscovy duckling hatch last night. The duck who hatched her and her three siblings is a first-time mother and didn't seem to want anything to do with them unless they could move by themselves. Two of her siblings passed away last night so I took this one inside...
  4. Nighthawk78

    Duckling Colour

    Hi all, So we just hatched four Muscovy ducklings, and I'm curious as to what colour they will be. Duckling #1 is a yellow, which I'm assuming will be white. Duckling #2 is yellow with a dusty brown head (one of their mothers was that colour as a duckling and she grew up to be white with a grey...
  5. Nighthawk78

    Breed Opinions

    Hi all, So we're trying our hand at incubating again. Currently I have 14 Muscovy eggs (of questionable viability as the mother is a fairly new, young layer) and 8 King Quail eggs that may or may not be incubated as well. I'm looking into getting some more fertile eggs of ducks or chickens...
  6. Nighthawk78

    Weak 2-day-old Duckling

    Hi, I'm new here so I have no idea if this is in the right place or not... Two days ago, we hatched a Muscovy duckling by sheer luck or accident, I don't know which. After none of the eggs hatched and the due date had come and gone, we cracked them open and found two of them still had live...
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